Russian city left without electricity or water: authorities blame shelling

27 NOVEMBER 2022

Part of the Russian city of Shebekino, located in Belgorod Oblast near the Ukrainian border, was left without electricity or water; local authorities state that this is a result of shelling.

Source: Vyacheslav Gladkov, Governor of Belgorod Oblast, on Telegram

Quote from Gladkov: “As a result of shelling in the vicinity of the city of Shebekino, no casualties or damage was reported. Power lines were damaged: there is a partial lack of electricity and water supply within the city.”

Details: The Russian governor reported that power engineers have already started reconnecting consumers to reserve power lines. Water pumping stations are also being restarted.

Since autumn, Russia has been carrying out massive, targeted strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, trying in this way to leave Ukrainians without electricity, heating or water supply. The aggressor country hopes that Ukrainians, outraged by the blackouts, will put pressure on their government to agree to negotiations on Russia’s conditions.


On 23 November, Russia launched another large-scale missile attack on critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine. Anti-aircraft defence systems shot down 51 out of 70 missiles and 5 kamikaze drones.

The attack led to a temporary shutdown of all nuclear power plants and most thermal and hydroelectric plants. Power transmission facilities were also damaged. A large part of Ukraine remained without electricity, and there were also interruptions in water and heating supply. These problems are now gradually being solved.

10 people have been confirmed dead as a result of the Russian attack on 23 November.


  1. Good! But, many more ruskie cities must suffer power outages and lack of water. They must suffer destruction at least as much as Ukrainian cities are suffering. If only the White House coward would give his go ahead!

  2. What many don’t know is that it is easy to destroy a substation transformer (xformer). All it takes is a suppressed .22 magnum rifle. Poke a hole low in the cooling radiator and the oil will drain and the xformer will self destruct as it overheats. In the US, the lead time on a new substation xformer is about 2 years. Given the collapse of Russia’s industry, it might take even longer.

    Simply start infiltrating teams into Russia in various disguises and take out the substations late at night. A lot of damage can be done before Putin’s thugs catch up with them. They could keep going for a long time if they operate judiciously.

    • Although, I agree with your claim that a transformer can be stopped from working in this way, I doubt that a .22 magnum will penetrate the casing.

      • The steel is not that thick on the radiators. At one time, it could be pierced with a .22 long rifle. Make the steel too thick and the radiator will not work as steel is not a very efficient conductor of heat.

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