Russia delivers something from China almost every day by cargo planes – mass media (video)

In the last seven days, nine An-124 “Ruslan” flights to China were recorded.

Russia receives military aid from China / photo
Russia receives military aid from China / photo

Russia began to actively deliver something from China with heavy transport aircraft An-124 “Ruslan” of the Russian company “Volga-Dnepr”. At the same time, pilots do not always turn on the transponder, which makes it difficult to track flights.

Flight tracking services recorded about ten flights over the past week, reports the Ukrainian military portal Defense Express .

China also drew attention to suspicious activity. Locals published the video adding an explanation that the plane allegedly arrived for “military assistance”. It included equipment, body armor, helmets, clothes, etc.

It is noted that over the past seven days, nine An-124 “Ruslan” flights to China and only three in the return direction were recorded, which directly indicates that the transponder was turned off during some of the flights. 

The standard flight runs along the route Moscow-Novosibirsk-Zhengzhou-Novosibirsk-Moscow. Once the final destination was Urumqi. Zhengzhou is a powerful logistics and industrial hub, as well as a powerful high-tech industrial zone, including units of Chinese defense giant Norinco. Urumqi is also the production site for a number of industrial giants.

“It is worth noting that the flights found are definitely not all that the Russian Federation made to China with a similar purpose. But only those that got into the flight monitoring services of civilian aircraft. One can only guess about the activity of the military transport aviation of the Russian Federation on similar routes.” – added in the edition. is actively delivering an unknown cargo from China

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  1. Doesn’t anyone find it odd that articles about EU unhappiness with the US receive so many comments about how awful Biden is (when he is the biggest supporter of the Ukraine) but Xi goes unscathed for his support of Russia.

    I’d say it’s China and India who are profiting from the war and not the US which is paying a great deal to support freedom.

  2. China is not our friend. We must do everything possible to remove production out of this crap hole. Concurrently, we must stop purchasing Made in China junk. Anything and everything made in Chine should be boycotted.
    Alas, here too, as with mafia land, there still are too many Western companies who worship profits and choose them over moral or for strategic reasons. As with mafia land, our relationship with China will not end well.

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