In wake of defeats, purges of Russian army officers have started, General Staff

November 24, 2022

He didn’t explain the reasoning for the dismissals and suspensions of the officers.

“A number of logistics department officers in the Russian army have been dismissed or suspended from duty, in particular the Head of the Department of Resource Support, Major General Mumidzhanov, and other officers who were in charge of food, material and rocket fuel supply,” Hromov said.

He added they were sent on leave so that they can be dismissed or transfered to other positions later.

Such purges are also taking place across military districts in Russia.

Earlier, Hrovov said about 10,000-15,000 Belarusian troops could potentially participate in a fresh Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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  1. The problem with purges in a corrupt dictatorship like in mafia land is, those who are most guilty will do the purging and those who are innocent – or rather least guilty – are the ones getting purged.
    But, we’ve seen purging before, and this hasn’t changed anything. Mafia land is rotten from bottom to the very top. It is a deeply-seated social issue that encompasses all strati of mafia life. A silly little purging … or two, or three, or four … won’t resolve this issue. Decades of hard work might.

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