Whose interests are being served by the magazine: “The American Conservative?”

Nov 26, 2022

By Lemuel Chyme, Palookaville Free Press.

According to wiki, “The publication states that it exists to promote a conservatism that opposes unchecked power in government and business alike; promote the flourishing of families and communities through vibrant markets and free people; and embrace realism and restraint in foreign affairs based on America’s national interests, otherwise known as paleoconservatism.

The founders (back in 2002) are Pat Buchanan, Scott McConnell and Taki Theodoracopolos.

All three are still contributors. Buchanan and Theodoracopolos (known professionally as “Taki”) are longstanding supporters of Putin. Both are Holocaust deniers, anti-Semites, and have a long standing hatred of Ukraine.

Some of the contributors to this “magazine” include Peter Hitchens (what a surprise; not), Josh Hawley (yet another avid Putin-supporter/Ukraine hater), Rand Paul, who was outed as a Russian agent by John McCain, but curiously never attempted litigation for this allegation), Leon Hadar: a friend of Ron Paul and many others of a similar ilk.

Another regular contributor: Doug Bandow, has authored frequent opinion pieces on why the U.S. should not help Ukraine against Russia. Here is his latest; it is an utter abomination:

At a time when Russia is in the middle* of perpetrating what will emerge as one of the worst crimes in history, should a platform be given to a publication like this?

*God willing, coming to the end of it, provided Ukraine gets the help she needs.

Ninety years after the Holodomor, the Pulitzer Prize awarded to Walter Duranty has STILL not been withdrawn.

It will surely be an equally terrible crime if the Russia trolls in western media, politics, big business, entertainment etc are allowed to keep getting away with being defacto active participants in genocide?

On this 90th anniversary of the Holodomor, the movie “Mr Jones” is essential viewing for all who sympathise with Ukraine’s agony.


The wall of indifference that Gareth Jones came up against is eerily reminiscent of what President Zelensky had to deal with before and now even during Putin’s Holocaust.


  1. I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it again; mankind hasn’t learned very much from the days of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and their atrocities, and the way the free world was sound asleep as they reared their ugly heads.
    We have been thrown back in time and have once again tolerated – why, in many ways, even promoted – yet another evil, hideous creature, Vlad Putin, to emerge on the world stage to cause havoc, kill masses of innocent people, let his crime-ridden army murder, rape, loot, torture. And, concurrently, we are too weak and lethargic to expose and eradicate other wicked freaks that support this crime boss and dictator in one.
    The world is what we make of it, and, looking broadly across this globe, we cannot be proud of our accomplishments.
    Maybe the 22nd century will be better…

    • I’d posted a lengthy comment explaining my understanding of a split in American conservatism. I think that what affects America in this way, would eventually affect every country that admires what the West really stood for around the 80’s to 2010’s. Now the left-wing has us divided, and I think focusing on foreign policy was part of it.

      • I agree. I find it deplorable to split the nation just to propagate your own political agenda. This is not what this republic was meant to be. These people are doing a great disservice to our great nation. They have completely forgotten the motto, united we stand, divided we fall!

        • It’s always been the case in democracies: you get divisions. Left, right, centre, plus the fascist fringes: far right/far left/anarchists.
          They can never be reconciled. An imperfect solution, but the alternatives are too horrible to contemplate.
          At least Hitler knew what he was, didn’t hide it and and was proud to be a nazi.
          Putler absolutely is a nazi; a textbook one. Yet he presents as “anti-nazi.” Unbelievably, a lot of people buy this toxic bullshit.

          • Yes, this is nicely explained in the “Political Horseshoe Theory,” the more extreme one side behaves, the more they seem like their political opposites. Of course, they’d still hate each other in name, but they’d behave more similarly in their activities. Take for example the nazis, name of which was shortened from the german version of the acronym that is “Nationalist Socialist Workers’ Party,” which sounds a lot like one of stalin’s propaganda daydreams, when you think about it. Or the new American “antifa,” or “antifascists,” but I suggest you look up one of their “protests” and compare that to hitler’s brown shirts from 1930’s Germany.

  2. Not mine. I am neither conservative nor American.
    I do love John McCain though, he is the only Republican I can think of that has integrity.

    Too bad he died. Also, I wished he never chose Sarah Palin as his running mate, I think this has killed his campaign.

    • American Conservative is like so many US conservative publications in that it isn’t conservative. I was banned from there because I pointed out their lack of conservatism. Rod Dreher, who claims to be Orthodox, is one of the worst of the regulars.

      McCain was known for his lack of integrity. The man was mentally unbalanced. Yes he liked Ukraine, but that is not a measure of integrity. The US dodged a bullet when Obama defeated him. He would have done much like Obama, but it would have been accepted for the most part because he was a fake conservative. The US was better off without him.

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