“What is happening?”: a column of “armor” with Ukrainian flags was spotted in the Russian Federation (video)

Locals were not jokingly scared that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had come to “liberate” them, like the occupiers of Ukrainians in February.

Russians were frightened by a column of armor with Ukrainian flags / screenshot
Russians were frightened by a column of armor with Ukrainian flags / screenshot

In the Tver region of the Russian Federation , a huge column of military equipment with the flags of Ukraine was suddenly spotted. The locals were not jokingly scared.

A video from the scene of the events was shared by a local resident, the SOTA channel reports . The footage shows that the military equipment was parked in a column on the side of the road in the middle of the city. Ukrainian flags are installed on the armor and distinctive blue-yellow markings are applied.

“What is this happening here, friends? Nothing personal, of course. This may seem like a kind of provocation to someone, but I have some impression of surrealism,” says a voice over the frame.

According to the channel, a movie is being shot in the city, and the equipment is a prop. Obviously, a movie about a war to zombify the Russian population.

https://www.unian.ua/player/qC0UEzJ2The Russians were frightened by a column of armored vehicles with Ukrainian flags

The war in Ukraine and Russian propaganda

Russian propaganda began to bombard Russians more actively since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine. During the first months of the full-scale war, Russian propaganda explained the invasion of Ukraine with the terms “demilitarization” and “denazification.” However, the latter did not catch on, as the Russians did not understand it. 

The lies of propagandists are overseen by the Kremlin. Recently, Russian propagandists were issued  with new methods  in order to minimize negative attitudes among the mobilized. The Armed Forces are recommended to be called “militants” and “armed formations”, and it is forbidden to call mobilized people “mobs”.

Russian propagandists involved “heavy artillery” in zombification of their population: psychics, tarologists and conspiracists. “Experts” on the live broadcast of the federal channel convinced Russians that their country will become an “oasis of light” , and Ukraine will not.

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