We have to raise awareness. We have to make people remember.

From the LinkedIn page of Daryna Hrebeniuk

Nov 26, 2022

‘Mom, Mom, I will die soon. Don’t try to save me, there is no need. Don’t eat my brother or my sister. Because the God will not let us join him in Heaven.’

Can you imagine hearing this from a starving child? Can you imagine children and adults starving to death? Slowly and painfully?

Ukrainians always cherished their freedom above all. Freedom and independence of Ukraine was inconsistent with the Soviet imperial plans, though. For this reason, Ukrainians had to be exterminated.

Historically Ukrainians were good plowmen and farmers and thus in the last century mostly lived in villages and other urban settlements. In late autumn 1932, when harvest was over, Soviets forcefully took all food from Ukrainians in urban areas. Not just grain to comply with the unrealistic grain quotas of collectivisation. Everything was taken. Vegetables, meat, farm animals, every type of cereal there was, dried fruit. People tried to hide at least some food to survive. Knowing this, soviets destroyed every part of the houses where the food might have been hidden, including stoves, meaning that people were left with no possibility to keep their houses warm as well. People were also forbidden from leaving their urban settlements under a threat of being tortured and ultimately killed. There was little to no chance a person could survive in such conditions. People were just left to starve. And this famine was wholly artificial.

Soviets orchestrated thee famines of Ukrainians. The consequences were horrid. Over 2 million of Ukrainians died in 1921-22. Almost 10 million of Ukrainians died in 1932-33. And 1 million of Ukrainians died in 1946-57.

Just think about it for a second. 13 million people starved to death. In one of the major grain-producing areas in the world. And at the same time, soviets were trading grain; state reserves continued huge amounts of grain, part of which just rotted off.

Around 20 countries in the world consider Holodomor a genocide of Ukrainians. Only around 20.

We have to raise awareness. We have to make people remember. This is the least we can do in honor of these millions of murdured innocent people. People, that experienced the horrors no person should ever experience. And did not survive this.

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LinkedIn member Yana Rudenko writes about the Holodomor and speaks on video about the connection between the Holodomor and Bucha:



  1. Much evil has crept out of mafia land to spread death and misery over its neighbors. The Holodomor is but one. This war is yet another. Many more came before them.

    • If you haven’t yet done so, I recommend the brief video from Yana Rudenko at the end of her piece.
      The parallels of now and 90 years ago are very stark.

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