Video Shows Russian Howitzer Obliterated in Excalibur Strike


Russian soldiers patrol a street on April 11, 2022, in Volnovakha in the Donetsk region. The picture was taken during a trip organized by the Russian military. A video showing a Russian Howitzer weapon being destroyed from an attack from Ukrainian forces has begun to circulate on social media.GETTY

Avideo showing what appears to be a Russian Howitzer weapon being destroyed by an attack from Ukrainian forces has begun to circulate on social media.

The clip shows Russin soldiers fleeing the area before an artillery shell from the Excalibur, a high-precision GPS-guided munition, destroys the Howitzer hidden in the trees.

The Twitter account Ukraine Weapons Tracker posted the video on Friday and has so far been viewed over 80,000 times.

The page captioned the video: “A Russian Msta-B 152mm towed howitzer was destroyed by a M982 Excalibur of the Ukrainian army on the left bank of the Dnipro River, #Kherson Oblast.”

Before the strike on the Russian towed howitzer, soldiers can be seen fleeing. A truck that was close by is also seen leaving the area quickly.

After the howitzer is struck a large plume of smoke is seen rising from the trees as the truck begins to drive away.

However, Newsweek has not been able to independently verify when and where the video was shot.

According to a September Telegraph report, the M982 Excalibur weapon was given to Ukrainian forces by the U.S., with the hardware considered to be one of the most accurate artillery shells.

Before being fired, the Excalibur’s digital fire control system is programmed with the exact coordinates of the intended target.

Once it is fired from an artillery gun, folded fins are extended from the shell’s base an nose compartment. This allows it to glide towards to its target.

The Defence of Ukraine Twitter page also shared a video of a tank being destroyed.

“Safety is a slippery concept for the occupiers in Ukraine,” the caption said.

“When your not in a tank, it’s dangerous. When you’re in a tank, it’s dangerous. When you are on a tank, it is very dangerous.

“There are no safe places for them in Ukraine.”

The video shows an areal view of field that appears to have been repeatedly been struck by shells. It then zooms into a tank that was recently struck.

It is not clear whether it was struck by a mine in the road or an artillery strike.

The video then shows soldiers scrambling on top of and around the tank. Seconds later an explosion and a cloud of smoke is seen.

At least two soldiers can be seen fleeing the area after the explosion.

Newsweek has contacted the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for comment.


  1. “There are no safe places for them in Ukraine.”

    Well over 80,000 cockroaches have learned this fact.
    Very nice shot by the world’s best howitzer round!

    • “Another part of the Russian army, they occupied one little town. And they removed flags from the town’s government buildings and they attached those flags to their tanks,” he said. “And they started to drive. Eventually, in the evening they met the first group of the (Russian) tanks.”
      “Lytvynenko said both groups of tanks were confused and thought they were looking at the enemy.
      “They started shooting into each other,”

      Nothing Divine about that, I suppose. The first cockroaches put Ukrainian flags on their vehicles to create a ruse, but ran into other cockroaches who thought they were Ukrainians. So, they eliminate each other.
      Maybe Ukraine ought to pass out Ukrainian flags to the cockroaches? 😁

      • Yes, I agree, simple confusion can easily have a more mundane origin. The description of an extremely precise lightning attack though, has been suggested as Godly wrath, or an attack by aliens. Which is why I don’t know exactly how credible it is. But it could also be some top-secret weapon that the United States wanted to test on a live target, but to otherwise keep quiet about it.

        In any case, it’s great inspiration for writing about action scenes, and even better that some orcs got fried crispy!

        • You know, anything is likely and I will not discount the possibility of us testing new weapons. We don’t know everything that’s going on in this war, and that’s a fact.

          • I’m sure the US Army is watching what Ukrainian gunners do with their weapons. I know one retired Artillery officer is watching and is quite pleased with the results. He’s watching from professional interest. It is reasonable that the Field Artillery Center at Fort Sill is watching for the same reason.

            • Oh, yes, Oh, I’m sure that there are countless military personnel watching what Ukraine is doing!

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