Ukrainian border guards start working on Estonia’s eastern border

26 NOVEMBER 2022

On 26 November, five Ukrainian border guards started working on the eastern border of Estonia, assisting their local colleagues and, if necessary, taking part in the examination of those crossing the border.

Source: Estonian news outlet ERR; European Pravda

Details: Ukrainian border guards arrived at the Estonian border with the assistance of the European Border Guard Agency Frontex. They are working at the Narva and Luhamaa border crossing points, where they monitor the control of the Estonian border.

Estonian border guards will have an opportunity to benefit from the experience of their Ukrainian colleagues and to better understand the path of refugees arriving from Ukraine, as well as their further destination, and to provide assistance more effectively.

Based on additional information verified by Ukrainian officials, Estonian border guards will take quicker decisions on the permission to cross the border, and provide faster assistance to refugees.

According to Egert Belichov, the Head of the Border Guard Division of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, the department has been looking for different ways to engage Ukrainian colleagues on the eastern border of Estonia, and he is pleased that this has become a reality with the support of Frontex.

Quote: “It is not easy for our border guards and the Frontex officials who help them on the east border: every day, among hundreds of people, they have to distinguish between those who are genuinely fleeing the war and those who have no right to come to Estonia. Ukrainian border guards can help us with knowledge and information,” Belichov noted.

Details: Ukrainian colleagues will work in Estonia for a month, after which a decision on the extension of their mission will be made.

Frontex funds the mission of Ukrainian border guards.

Previously: This week, the European Parliament voted for the decision not to accept passports and other travel documents issued by Russia in the illegally occupied regions of Ukraine and Georgia.

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