The Ukrainian Armed Forces used a cunning trick with the French Caesar self-propelled guns in the release of Zmiiny – NYT

Ukrainian defenders loaded artillery installations onto the barge.

Caesar self-propelled gun / photo by Nexter Group
Caesar self-propelled gun / photo by Nexter Group

During the liberation of Zmiyny  , the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine used a cunning trick. They installed French-made Caesar self-propelled guns on barges that were operating within ten kilometers of the coast. Thanks to this, the fighters were able to shell the positions of the occupiers on the island.

This information was shared by The New York Times in its new article about the war in Ukraine. According to journalists, the Armed Forces are called “MacGyver’s army” within NATO. This is a reference to the old American television series “Secret Agent MacGyver”, in which the main character constantly improvised and used everything that came to hand.

The ZSU got this nickname for their ability to adapt. This proves the Caesar trick. Since Zmiiny is located at a distance of 50 km from the coast, and the radius of action of the mentioned self-propelled guns is up to 40 km, the Ukrainian defenders installed artillery pieces on the barge. They sailed 10 kilometers from the shore, after which the fighters began to fire at the gunboats.

The material also emphasizes that the Armed Forces sank the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet “Moskva” with its own missiles. And Ukraine has created its own naval drones for attacks on enemy ships.

The release of Zmiyny: basic information

Ukrainian defenders regularly struck  the group of occupiers on the island. As a result , the Rashists fled from Zmiiny on July 7. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation called it a “gesture of goodwill” in an official statement.

The release of Zmiiny opened the way for the export of agricultural products and the passage of ships in the waters of the Black Sea.

After the escape, the occupiers repeatedly bombarded the island . Their main goal was the destruction of their own abandoned equipment.

At the end of July, the Ukrainian Armed Forces visited Zmiiny and demined the territory. They also installed a Ukrainian flag on the island and rescued a cat that survived the occupation.

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  1. The MacGyver Army! I like that. So, with this ingenious trick, a country with almost no navy threw another country with one of the world’s largest navies off of Snake Island. Wonderful!

  2. Ukraine can never win until being a member of Nato. RuSSia can come back even after a full defeat in Ukraine. As long as Ukraine is not part of the western block RuSSia can attack and sabotage, destroy all infrastructure and fuck the economy. No Nato membership – no peace – ever.

  3. There are other options besides NATO for Ukraine to ensure it’s future security. One which Sir Scradge brought up, the name of which eludes me at the moment. Another is the Kyiv Security Compact.

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