Rioting Servicemen From Moscow Region Refuse To Turn In Arms, Make Demands To Russian Authorities

The revolt of the mobilised from Serpukhov is gaining momentum


Russian soldiers mobilised for the war in Ukraine from Serpukhov, Moscow Region, have started a riot, claiming they have been thrown into a hotspot at the front without arms or training. The occupiers complained that their commanders had abandoned them and described heavy losses among the mobilised.

A relevant video has been posted by Telegram channels. The Russians believe they have been “left to the mercy” of the AFU, reports.

The occupant, who introduced himself as Vladimir Gurin, said that they were allegedly taken from Serpukhov to an unknown destination and ended up in Makiivka, Donetsk Region. At that, the mobilised were given only a battle scale of ammunition.

“We were misled in advance, there was not any sort of training, only shells were given. People are terrified, we don’t know what our main task is. The task now is to survive. There are not many of us left, we have had a hard time. But we are not wounded, we are not killed and we are not prisoners. We are being treated very badly. The commander has abandoned us,” he said.

“We have no command. We get together in a company and command ourselves. We have been left to the enemy’s mercy. We are mincemeat,” declared the mobilised.

The occupants refuse to return to the front line and turn in their weapons. Relatives of the mobilised said they were threatened with a tribunal.

“The prosecutor spoke to the guys today. They have made demands. They are ready to fight in the second-third line, but not in the first one,” one of the relatives told reporters.


  1. At first, the article lets you think that these guys came to their senses and refuse to fight in a useless, criminal war. But; “They are ready to fight in the second-third line, but not in the first one,” shows that they still are stupid. First, their leaders will make them pay for their insolence in some way, and second, they will get burned up in the furnace of war at any rate, sooner or later. They are dead men walking.

  2. At first I thought, maybe they realized how moscow has betrayed them. Then if they could prove a shift of loyalty towards Ukraine, they could become men again. But as OFP said, they continue their stubbornness, and show willingness to fight in the second and third lines. Obviously, they think the only people to help them are themselves.

    Maybe a little more time to think, IF they are capable of this.

    If Ukraine gets a whole battalion of enemy russians to switch sides in favor of Ukraine, it would be another epic embarrassment for putin!

    • Yeah, it’s okay if they have to go and die, but not when it’s me. They’re just a bunch of dumbass fucks.

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