Electricity deficit in Ukraine is 25%: Ukrenergo explained how the restriction regime works

Another NPP unit was added to the power system, which allows covering 75% of consumption needs.

Electricity producers currently cover about 75% of consumption needs / photo ua.depositphotos.com
Electricity producers currently cover about 75% of consumption needs / photo ua.depositphotos.com

The deficit of electricity in Ukraine is 25%, so the regime of restrictions on its consumption continues to operate.

According to NEK “Ukrenergo”, energy workers continue to restore the power system.

“As of 11:00 a.m., one more nuclear unit has been put into operation, the power is increasing to the planned level at others. Thus, electricity producers now cover about 75% of consumption needs. However, another 25% of electricity is still in deficit, so today in the entire territory Ukraine has a consumption restriction regime,” the message reads

The energy company noted that they no longer specify which types of outages – emergency or planned – will be applied: this is decided by oblenergo.

“That is, regional energy dispatchers receive a consumption indicator for the region, which cannot be exceeded. But each regional energy company draws up the disconnection scheme, which will allow compliance with the established consumption norm,” – explained in “Ukrenergo”.

The company noted that every Ukrainian whose home has had electricity restored can help restore it to others faster, simply by consuming electricity sparingly.

“This will make it possible to apply less restrictions aimed at preventing accidents…” – Ukrenergo added.

Power outages in Ukraine: what you should know

As UNIAN reported, on November 23, Russia carried out another mass attack on Ukraine. Missiles hit critical infrastructure facilities in several areas. In total, about 70 cruise missiles were fired, 51 of them were destroyed. Emergency power outages occurred in many regions. Power outages were also reported in neighboring Moldova.

At the Rivne, Yuzhno-Ukraine and Khmelnytskyi nuclear power plants, due to shelling, emergency protection was activated, which caused all power units of these nuclear power plants to be shut down.

As a result of hitting energy facilities, many regions of Ukraine were left without heat and water supply .

On November 25, all four operating nuclear power plants of Ukraine were again connected to the power system.

As President Volodymyr Zelenskyi reported, as of the evening of November 25,  blackouts continued  in most regions and in Kyiv, involving more than 6 million subscribers. But the most problems are currently in the capital, as well as in Kyiv region, Odesa region, Lviv region, Vinnytsia region and Dnipropetrovsk region. 

“Ukrenergo” is planning to schedule  planned power outages  this weekend. However, today, November 26, limits have been set to make power outages less long.

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