The west needs to draw a line for Russia on genocide

From the LinkedIn page of Christian Weichselbaum

I feel really powerless. Yes we can send money to Ukraine. Yes we can volunteer here or there. But the really important decisions I feel powerless to influence.

The west needs to draw a red line for russia on genocide. On its weekly terror bombings. The next time russia attacks with a wave of missiles the lights need to go out in Moscow and St. Petersburg. russian power stations and transformers need to go up in flames.

russia needs to feel unbearable pain everytime when it chooses to attack. Only this way you can teach it to stop. But if every attack stays without consequences and shows some strategic improvements – guess what – russia is going to terror bomb civilians.

The ones who can change this sit in Washington, in the French, German and British governments. In the EU parliament. Unfortunately Austria is pretty useless in making a difference here.


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