The authorities of the Russian Federation expect the loss of 100 thousand soldiers, they will be replaced at the front by conscripts – mass media

It is noted that this is precisely why Putin is not canceling the mobilization order.

Russia has already lost more than 86,000 soldiers / photo
Russia has already lost more than 86,000 soldiers / photo

The authorities of the Russian Federation expect that by the spring, losses in the war in Ukraine will amount to about 100 thousand people, most of whom will be mobilized.

The occupiers plan to stabilize the front in the winter in order to continue again in the spring,  “Important Stories” reports  with reference to two sources — one close to the FSB and one close to the General Staff.

According to the interlocutors, the leadership of Russia is not afraid of large losses.

“By the spring of next year, losses in killed and wounded may amount to about 100,000. But this does not scare anyone: they will be replaced by conscripts,” the source said.

An interlocutor close to the General Staff shared that by the spring of 2023, the Ministry of Defense plans to train 120,000 conscripts who can be sent to Ukraine to make up for the losses among the mobilized. It is for this reason that the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, does not officially cancel the decree on partial mobilization.

Losses of Russia in the war

As reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the losses of the Russian Federation in the war against Ukraine among personnel as of November 25 already amount to 86,150 people.

Russian authorities claim that only 5,937 soldiers allegedly died in the war.

At a meeting with the  alleged mother of the participants in the war against Ukraine,  Putin compared the loss of personnel of the Russian Federation to deaths in road accidents and from alcoholism.

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  1. At bare minimum rashists could expect 56,000 casualties between now and spring.
    For a total of 142,150 dead orcs. At 1000 per day rashists will see a death toll of 198,150 by spring.

    • That would make for a total of TRIPLE the number who are dead already! Putin’s prideful ego is DESTROYING russia!

      But I guess that’s also his own fault. I don’t like to think about laughing at the deaths of others, but I know I don’t have to mourn these numbers!

  2. I’m wondering if Ukraine is using messages like this to keep warning the russian people that putin’s war is destroying them.

    If Ukraine isn’t telling them this, then they should, and to continue reminding them who’s sending so many russian sons to their deaths. Zelensky has no choice but to defend his people, but putin can stop at any time. In the current situation, the longer this goes on for the two, the stronger and smarter Zelensky will appear, while putin looks more weaker, and dumber.

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