Putin compared Russia’s losses in the war to a road accident and spoke about “God’s will”

The President of the Russian Federation pretended that the country’s leadership was not involved in the deaths of Russians sent to war.

Putin compared the losses of the Russian Federation in the war to road accidents and spoke about the "will of God" / screenshot
Putin compared the losses of the Russian Federation in the war to road accidents and spoke about the “will of God” / screenshot

At a meeting with the alleged mother of the participants in the war against Ukraine, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin  compared the loss of personnel of the Russian Federation to deaths in road accidents and from alcoholism.

As the President of the Russian Federation stated at the meeting, the video of which was published by the Russian mass media, that the Russian authorities “share the pain” of mothers who lost their sons in the war against Ukraine.  

At the same time, the leader of the country, which hides information about its combat losses, compared the death in the war with car accidents and other common causes of death in Russia. 

“Of course, this is a huge tragedy. This is a void that cannot be filled with anything when there is no loved one, especially a son. But, you know what comes to my mind: in our country, approximately 30 thousand people die in road accidents, from alcohol – about the same number yes. It happens, unfortunately. This is how life works. Life is complex and diverse, more complicated than it is written somewhere on a piece of paper. We are all under God, under Allah, under Christ, I don’t know – everyone who believes in higher forces is it doesn’t matter what religion he adheres to – we are all mortal, we are all under God. And someday we will all leave this world. It is inevitable. The question is how we lived,” Putin said. 

Earlier, the mass media found out that Russian President Vladimir Putin actually held a meeting not with the mothers of soldiers participating in the war in Ukraine, but with women who are connected to the pro-government structures of Russia.  It also became known that the specialized organization – the Council of Mothers and Wives – was not invited to the meeting.

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