It is time for Nato to intervene in Ukraine

From the LinkedIn page of Palle Mathiasen

Nov 25

It is time for NATO to intervene in Ukraine. Until now NATO has tried to avoid engagement in fhe war to reduce the risk of wider conflict. By arming Ukraine NATO has helped Ukraine stop the Russian army from advancing, and even pushed it back somewhat.

Russias response to this setback has been to change the tactics to attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. The purpose is to win the war by killing and terrorzing the civilian population and denying them water, electricity and heating in the upcoming winter.

NATO should not passively allow this genocide to take place in Europe. We should take the risk of millitary conflict with a severely degraded russian army , to stop Russias genocidal war.

NATO should finally “close the sky” above Ukraine. This is also our war.

NATO #Ukraine #Russia #russianterrorism


  1. “The Russian war hit the entire territory of Ukraine, but the occupiers temporarily managed to seize part of the territory of ten of our regions.

    What are the 10 regions of Ukraine? These are more than 11,000 settlements. Of these 11 thousand, just imagine, the total number of cities and villages of Ukraine that came under occupation is more than three thousand seven hundred.

    These are big cities and small towns. Both ancient powerful settlements and villages with only a few houses.

    It was a very different life. But now we see one thing in all these settlements – a complete lack of any opportunities to live normally and freely.”

    – President Zelenskyy

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  2. NATO will do what it’s done since day one of the war; nothing.
    Because of mafia land’s nukes.
    This war illustrates that the nation who used to possess nukes is being killed, raped, destroyed, and the one doing the killing, raping and destroying is doing it with impunity. The world is watching, and it’s learned valuable lessons. The lessons are, that this highlights the fact that the only guarantee to security are nukes. The Budapest Memorandum was a fatal mistake. For Ukraine … definitely. But, for the world, too. No nuclear power will ever let go of having them. Others will strive to get them.
    Treaties on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons are dead.
    Long live nuclear weapons.

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