France and the USA handed over 180 high-power generators to Ukraine

The generators were handed over to support the electricity supply in Ukraine amid ongoing Russian attacks on the energy infrastructure.

More generators are coming to Ukraine / photo UNIAN, Oleksandr Sinytsia
More generators are coming to Ukraine / photo UNIAN, Oleksandr Sinytsia

France handed Ukraine 100 high-power generators , French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna said.

“To help the population survive, France is sending 100 powerful generators to Ukraine. Russia wants to make winter a weapon of war. 100 French generators are heading to Ukraine,” Kolonna wrote on Twitter .

She also emphasized that strikes on civilian infrastructure are war crimes.

Earlier today, November 25, US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink reported that the US Agency for International Development (USAID) is providing Ukraine with 80 generators.

“This aid is only part of the US response to Russia’s brutal and sustained attacks on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, while we continue to stand with Ukraine,” Brink wrote on Twitter .

The situation in the Ukrainian energy sector

On November 23, Russia launched another massive attack on Ukraine. In total, about 70 cruise missiles were fired, 51 of them were destroyed. Missiles hit critical infrastructure facilities in several areas. Emergency power outages occurred in many regions  , and they were also left without heat and  water supply .

In addition, at three nuclear power plants, the emergency protection was activated due to shelling, due to which all power units of these stations were disconnected. Currently , nuclear power plants are gradually restoring their capacities .

Immediately after the attack, many regions experienced emergency power outages that continue to this day. As of this morning, November 25, electricity producers  provided more than 70%  of the country’s consumption needs. Thermal and hydroelectric power stations are already operating.

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