AFU Soldiers Shoot Down S-300 Missile With Machine Gun

Its hull was “peppered” with bullets


Two riflemen of the Territorial Defence Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have shot down a Russian S-300 missile with a machine gun. The missile fell and its hull was peppered with bullets.

This was reported by the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ Strategic Communications Centre on November 25. It is noted that the defenders made the successful strike during the recent massive shelling of Ukraine.

Thus, the enemy missile was eliminated by anti-aircraft gunners of the fire support company of the 185th separate battalion of the 122nd brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces with a large-caliber machine gun. The soldiers spotted an enemy object in the sky and opened fire.

“The fire was accurate: the hit rocket went down. That’s where they found the body of the missile, pierced with bullets. Thanks to the defenders!”, the report said.


  1. A novelty in warfare! Leave it up to the UA forces to accomplish something so spectacular!
    Indeed, we had an article yesterday, trying to blow up the costs for downing mafia missiles (pun intended). Now, there is the most cost-effective way to shoot them down; a few rounds of small arms ammo!

  2. Praise God!

    Who knows how many lives this saved, but more innocents will live because of this!

    Also, I’d gotten another letter from Liudmila explaining about the severe power outage and how it kept her from saying anything. If I understand her right, she seems to think I was trying to get her out of Ukraine, when she was also trying to look after her Mother. She didn’t tell me before about her being sick, if I had known that, I would’ve still been confused why she’d refuse help, but I would have respected her wishes more.

    I also heard about the strike near Kyiv, in Vyshhorod, so I worried about her being in that, but clearly she’s not hurt if she can send me another message. She wants only to meet after the war, and I told her she would need to tell me when she’s ready. But I also told her she has a year, because nobody should wait for love forever.

    • Mac, it’s true that the internet has been down in large parts of Kyiv. But, I still don’t understand your Lyudmila. I don’t know how she would think that you want to take her out of the country. Maybe there’s a communication problem? I can attest to that being an issue! I’ve had my fair share of it. Anyway, I talked with a lady in Kyiv who offered her assistance. If you need it, write to me via email. I prefer not to communicate about these sorts of things publicly.

      • Thanks, I’ll think about it. I don’t want to give any reason for Liudmila to be jealous, though she initially seemed rather tolerant of that in the early messages I sent her.

        For the moment, I’m currently at the airport in Poland, waiting for my return flight on the afternoon of the 27th. Rather than turning me out into the frosty night air, they generously allowed me to wait until my flight would be arriving, but I had to show my passport and confirm that I actually have a scheduled flight. I don’t think they would have been helpful if I had nothing to show a real reason for being here, because they seemed uncomfortable when I explained it. Since I’ve been here purely on the airport authority’s goodwill, I’ve strived to be unfailingly polite.

        • Oh, so you’ve already left Ukraine. Well, that’s that, then.
          “…they generously allowed me to wait until my flight would be arriving…”
          Why, is the airport closed at night? Are you in Chopin Airport?

          • Rzeszow. When I described my situation, they said the exterior doors are locked after some time in the evening. I think maybe 8:00? The only exceptions to this are apparently when a flight is arriving or departing. Past 6:00, there’s usually nobody here. I think even most of the staff go home. I think they expected I would behave myself because I want to get home, and there’s security cameras everywhere. So I naturally don’t want the local police to be upset with me of course, though I’ve always been a good boy there.

            • Rzeszow. That makes sense. It’s a small airport. Have a good night, Mac, as far as that’s possible on those chairs. I spent 9 hours in Chopin in September, so I know how it is. 😁😣🤪

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