The Russian Federation announced that it had massively hit Ukraine with missiles due to “pumping with Western weapons”

The terrorist country is sure that it is at war with NATO.

In Russia, they justified the new massive shelling of Ukraine , calling it a response. on “pumping with Western weapons”.

The post ambassador of the Russian Federation to the UN, Vasyl Nebenzia, distinguished himself with a ridiculous statement . He also accused NATO countries of “waging a proxy war with Russia.”

Nebenzia assured that the targets of the Russian strikes were allegedly “objects of energy and other infrastructure”, which are used for “military supply of Ukrainian units with weapons, first of all Western weapons, logistics and communications of Ukrainian armed forces”.

The odious diplomat added that one of the goals of the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine is “undermining the combat capability of the Ukrainian army, which threatens the security and territorial integrity of Russia.

(C)UNIAN 2022

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  1. So, because Ukraine is getting “pumped up” with Western weapons, civilians must get slaughtered, and civilian infrastructure destroyed?
    This makes sense only to an alcohol-soaked ruskie brain … or what’s left of it.

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