Scythian gold, a boat and luxury cars: the SBU prevented the export of the property of the president of Motor Sich from Ukraine

The SBU prevented the export from Ukraine of an elite fleet of vehicles, weapons and antiques that belong to the president of the industrial giant Motor Sich

The property of the president of Motor Sich worth hundreds of millions of hryvnias, which they tried to secretly take out of Ukraine, was tracked down by the Ukrainian special services.

Among the seized are rare cars and firearms, as well as Scythian gold and objects of ancient times and Kievan Rus, the SBU reported.

Several heads of structural subdivisions of the plant tried to hide the property of their head on the territory of controlled commercial structures. In the future, officials planned to illegally take assets abroad.

However, counterintelligence officers and investigators of the SBU acted ahead of the curve and timely established the location of these caches and their organizers.

Among the seized, in particular, a boat, seven luxury cars, including four rare ones, a lot of antiques and archaeological artifacts, and three hunting rifles with a rifle.

All this was sent for examination. Measures are being taken to seize the property.

In addition, the SBU exposed other members of the inner circle of the “lover of Iskander-M”, who persuaded the plant’s workers to collect signatures under a “collective appeal” to mitigate the measure of restraint for their leader.

People were threatened with dismissal and other consequences.

Recall that counterintelligence and SBU investigators detained the president of Motor Sich JSC and the head of one of the departments of the enterprise in October this year. According to the investigation, the management of the plant in Zaporozhye has established transnational channels for the illegal supply of wholesale batches of Ukrainian aircraft engines to the Russian Federation.



  1. I could understand him holding onto one or two ancient artifacts if he was genuinely proud of Ukrainian heritage, but this many is a whole entire museum’s worth! They should be available for any Ukrainian children to study and learn about their country. If he truly was selling aircraft engines to the russians, then that definitely points to his being a traitor. Even if he didn’t know about the invasion, maintaining a business connection with russia seems not just foolish in hindsight, it seems like premeditated collusion, and collaboration.

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  2. I’m glad that Ukraine got rid of this corrupt piece of manure. May all others be flushed down the toilet along with him, into the sewer, where they belong.

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  3. He even had blades taken off helicopters so they wouldn’t be ready, as well as other sabotage. Speaking of blades, what kind of knife is that in the picture? At first I thought it might be German but zooming in I couldn’t tell. Anyone have a better clue?

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