Armed Forces Of Ukraine Crushed 24th Brigade Of Russia’s Defense Intelligence

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation recognized the fact of the liquidation of 78 special forces soldiers


Footage from the Russian Federation appeared on the internet, showing the command of the 24th brigade of the Defence Intelligence of the Russian Federation held an event dedicated to the occupiers liquidated in Ukraine. They acknowledged the death of at least 78 commandos, most of whom went to a Kobzon concert during the spring battles in the Yampil region in the Donbas.

The video was posted on his page in the Telegram channel by Anton Gerashchenko.

In Russia, they showed a video with the names of 78 dead from the elite 24th brigade of the group

All 78 names were solemnly displayed on the screen, accompanied by songs, on the Day of Special Forces Units in the Shilovsky garrison of Novosibirsk.

Indeed, mothers and wives have a reason to sing and celebrate: Russia officially recognized the dead, which means there will be compensation for the white Lada Grant.

Recall that in May the General Staff reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a group of Russian military from the 24th separate brigade in the Donetsk region near the village of Yampol.

The event was held on October 24 on the Day of special forces units of the Russian Federation. Gerashchenko said that now the wives, mothers and girlfriends of the liquidated commandos have a reason to celebrate.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation recognized the fact of the liquidation of 78 occupiers, which means that it is possible to receive monetary compensation or a Lada Granta car from their state.

On May 2, the news from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine appeared in the Ukrainian media, where the destruction of the invaders from the 24th Defence Intelligence brigade in the Yampil region was confirmed. On the footage, one could see both the destroyed enemy military equipment and the special forces soldiers themselves.

The 24th brigade is based in Novosibirsk. Special forces took part in two Chechen wars, in the war in Syria, and also in the war against Ukraine.


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