An invincible nation: a blackout from the Russians will not affect anything, the empire will be defeated! (column of the editor-in-chief)

So, the occupiers achieved their goal, they completely cut off power to most of Ukraine yesterday. It seems that this was achieved by stretching the capabilities of the Russian Armed Forces to the limit: even training missiles were launched (if the information about the Kh-55 with a simulator of a special warhead is true). The cascade of strikes led to the collapse of the Ukrainian energy system, which caused serious damage to our people.

Throughout the night, until morning, doctors performed emergency operations using the current provided by generators (and they did not have as much fuel for them as we would like), policemen in pitch darkness tried to maintain order on the streets, stop acts of looting and other crimes, regulate movement of cars Firefighters extinguished fires caused by careless handling of open flames. And of course, our heroic soldiers continued and continue to repulse the attacks of the Russian Nazis.

It got better on Thursday: as “Dumskaya” has written many times, the Ukrainian energy system is a rather resilient thing, with a large reserve of strength and capacity duplication, it recovers very quickly from one-off shocks. In order to completely and permanently “pay off” the country, it is necessary to bombard it with missiles daily for quite a long time, which the aggressor is clearly not capable of. By morning, strategically important objects had already been requested in the Odessa region, and some household consumers had light. In the evening, the power industry began to gradually “unwind” nuclear power plants. Just received a message that the light is getting ready to be returned to the recently liberated Kherson. In a word, of course, we were dealt a blow, but not a deadly one.

The ability of Ukrainians to self-organize and help each other again struck. Supermarkets that allow you to recharge and even dry your hair with a hair dryer; hotels that provide their rooms as co-working spaces, people who, buying candles and water in a store, try not to take too much so that there is enough for others. Owners of generators that allow everyone who needs it to use the energy they generate. Everyone is friendly with each other and almost everyone understands who is to blame for what happened, they scold the occupiers. We are already a formed nation! And such, as a rule, are invincible.

The most important thing now is to continue to keep calm, to remain people and Ukrainians. He believes in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and doing what should be done by everyone in their sphere. Step by step, and the enemy will be defeated.

Ukraine will definitely win! Glory to Ukraine!

The author is Oleg Konstantinov, editor-in-chief of “Dumskoy”



  1. Of course, these incessant attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure won’t affect anything, militarily speaking. Mafia land will get defeated, either way.

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  2. That is truly looking after your fellows when you only get as much as needed so others can get some. Americans are not that kind when it comes to resources in an emergency.

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