About a little girl with a big heart: a seven-year-old from Odessa opened an exhibition of her paintings in Germany and collected help for children from Nikolaev  

It is not difficult to guess what thoughts are walking in the head of an ordinary seven-year-old child. Certainly about a new toy, games with friends, mom’s pie and how reluctant to do homework. But in the military realities of 2022, children’s worldview has changed forever.

Seven-year-old Miroslava Naida from Odessa decided to help children from Nikolaev and for this she painted and sold 17 paintings, and with the proceeds she bought lamps and sweets for those who live in the areas of the city of shipbuilders most affected by enemy shelling. “Dumskaya” talked with the mother of this small but strong-willed girl.

The young artist was born in 2014, and her mother, amazed by the then events in Ukraine, decided to name her daughter Miroslava – in the name of peace. But peace, alas, never came, and in April of this year, Tatiana and her children moved to a small town in southern Germany. Here Mira went to school and made new friends, but continued to worry about those who remained in Ukraine. Tatyana was actively involved in volunteering and inspired her daughter to join charity by her example.

“She always asked me, they say, mom, you took us out, but what about the rest of the children who stayed, how can we help them? Mira has been drawing since childhood – in our house all the walls, tables and even curtains are painted. And so she offered to sell her drawings, ”says Tatyana.

A family friend supported the idea and offered to exhibit Mira’s work at a joint art exhibition in one of the galleries. By the opening of the exposition, ten colorful paintings were already ready for the little Odessa woman. The main characters of Miroslava’s artistic fantasies are cats.

“Well, firstly, because cats are very Odessan, and secondly, my daughter loves animals very much. At home with my grandmother, we still have our beloved cat Nika, who, with her name, hints that victory will be ours and we will meet with her soon, ”Tatyana smiles.

At the exhibition, Miroslava outlined her goal – that she was raising money for children from Nikolaev. She herself was there only once – only at the zoo.

Mira was very worried that some of her work did not work out, but as it turned out, it was completely in vain. Experienced artists endlessly praised the creations of the girl, repeating that she already has her own style. Thus, by the end of the first day, Miroslava had six jobs less and 300 euros more. Later, she completed seven more paintings and, having sold everything, she got exactly 500 euros. With joy that her idea was a success, Miroslav burst into tears.

“We decided to donate the money to the Trimai Charitable Foundation. They bought many hours of nightlights that can shine all night, and sweets. All this has already been handed over to children who continue to be in the most shelled areas of Nikolaev, ”says the girl’s mother.

But Mira was not left without gifts. Together with the organizer of the exhibition in Germany, Tatyana bought her daughter a set of watercolors, watercolor paper and other drawing supplies that the little girl dreamed of, so that she could continue to realize her talent and create small miracles.

Author — Nadezhda Markevich



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