People from 93 countries help Ukraine to build a fleet of naval drones

22 NOVEMBER 2022

People from 93 countries joined the United24 platform fundraising campaign for unmanned surface vessels for Ukraine.

Source: President Zeleskyy’s evening video address

Quote: “On our United24 fundraising platform, we are actively raising funds for naval drones. Unity, as always, gives a great result. Ordinary people. More than 50 Ukrainian businesses. International businesses. Plus our Lithuanian friends. Plus the IT community. People from a total of 93 countries joined this initiative of ours! We are gradually building the Ukrainian fleet of naval drones!”

Previously: On 5 November, Zelenskyy announced that Ukraine launched a new fundraising campaign on the United24 platform – fundraising to purchase a fleet of unmanned surface vessels (USVs, or naval drones).


  1. Very nice! This puts mafia boats into more danger! Maybe the Kerch Bridge will get another visit soon? At any rate, thank you to all those selfless volunteers!

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