No one wanted to stand near Putin: the Frail-Looking Putin was “Distinguished” by a Series of Embarrassments at the CSTO Summit. Photo and video


The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin was distinguished by a number of embarrassments at the CSTO summit held on November 23 in Yerevan (Armenia). Yes, the Russian dictator impressed everyone with his frail appearance: the photos from the summit show that he had to hold on tightly to the chair in order not to fall.

Also, none of yesterday’s “friends” even wanted to be next to the group photo with the president of the country, which the European Parliament recognized today as a “sponsor of terrorism” and which immediately confirmed this “title” with massive missile strikes on critical infrastructure and the civilian population of Ukraine. Evidence of Putin’s failures appeared online.

Yes, in the footage from the summit, Putin looked frail. The dictator obviously felt bad. Therefore, he was forced to hold tightly to the handles of the chair. It seemed that he was looking for a way not to fall off the chair.

In addition, from now on, Putin seems to have found himself on the back burner even among his “friends” of yesterday. Footage from the preparation of the traditional group photo of the leaders of the CSTO member states eloquently testifies: all the leaders of the post-Soviet space tried everything to avoid the dubious “honor” of being in the photo next to Putin.

We will remind, earlier at the CSTO summit  , the head of the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation Serhii Lavrov “distinguished himself” . He confused Russia with an interstate event – and, out of habit, began to be rude to journalists.  

It was also reported that on November 23, the European Parliament recognized Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. In response, Russia again attacked Ukraine with missiles:  in Kyiv, in Vinnytsia and Lviv regions, there are landings, there were problems with light.


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