All of Odessa was left without electricity, water and heat, a blackout has come in the region (updated)

All of Odessa lost power around 14:30. Electric transport does not work in the city, there are problems with mobile communications, and in some areas there is no water.

This was reported to correspondents of “Dumskaya” by residents of different districts of the city.

Probably, the problem is more global – now the entire Odessa region can be without electricity. This information was confirmed by the regional military administration.

DTEK has not yet commented on the incident.

Most likely, the reason for the shutdown was another rocket attack on the energy infrastructure. There is information that could stop the work of the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant.

“Due to the massive missile attack on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, there is temporarily no power supply throughout the Odessa region and other regions of Ukraine. We will inform you additionally about any changes in the operation of the power grids,” said Maksim Marchenko, head of the OVA.

UPDATED AT 15:20. Odessa was left without water. Pumping stations are de-energized, and backup lines are not working, Infoksvodokanal reported.

UPDATED AT 15:40. Critical infrastructure facilities in Izmail remain without electricity, our sources say.

UPDATED AT 17:40. All hospitals in Odessa are provided with generators, the mayor’s office reports.



  1. What i don’t understand is that Ukraine has so many advanced weapons, it could take Donetsk in no time. Something in the military is definitely rotten. Just storm Donetsk and Crimea and throw all missiles and artillery at them. Destroy THEIR infrastructure!

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