Two articles from Atlantic Council


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  1. The second article will cause bitter laughter to the Ukrainians.
    Nato will never take them. Instead it will allow the undeserving Finland and Sweden to leapfrog Ukraine, which is absolutely disgusting.
    Either the US forces Nato to accept Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine, or it, with the other Budapest signatory; Britain, undertakes to provide the same protection for these three countries as Nato can.
    After putler’s Holocaust, Ukraine and Georgia must vigorously pursue France and Germany through the courts for acting in puker’s interests and blocking their Nato applications.
    And Georgia must sue the shit out of the EU for appointing convicted criminal/putinoid turd Sarkozy to ruin Georgia’s security by gifting Georgian land to a dirty fascist regime and appallingly blaming Georgia for putler’s 2008 invasion.

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