There are no undamaged hydroelectric and thermal power plants left in Ukraine – “Ukrenergo”

Today’s scheduled power outages are due to a deficit in its production caused by shelling.

The occupiers fire missiles at the Ukrainian TPP / photo UNIAN, Mykola Tys

In Ukraine, no hydroelectric and thermal power plants were left undamaged by Russian missile attacks , all substations were also affected.

“After this attack, we have no undamaged thermal and hydroelectric power plants left in Ukraine… Practically all thermal and hydroelectric power plants, if we talk about large plants, were damaged and hit by rockets,” said Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, head of NEC “Ukrenergo” at a briefing .

Also, according to him, there are no undamaged nodal substations of “Ukrenergo”. Every important substation was attacked, some – 3, 5 and even 8 times in a row.

“The scale of the destruction is colossal. After each massive missile attack, it takes some time to first recover most of the consumers,” said Kudrytskyi.

He added that immediately after missile strikes, emergency power outage schedules are introduced to stabilize the power system.

According to the chairman of “Ukrenergo”, the situation with electricity blackout schedules is stable today, the scheduled blackouts are currently connected with the shortage of its production, which was caused by shelling.

“Currently, the power system cannot generate as much electricity as consumers would like to consume,” explained Kudrytskyi.

Strikes by the Russian Federation on Ukraine’s energy sector: what is known

In October and November, the energy system of Ukraine was subjected to massive missile attacks by the Russian invaders. According to expert estimates, 50% of energy infrastructure facilities in Ukraine have been destroyed or damaged .

At the same time, the Ministry of Energy assured that the situation with energy supply in the country is under control. At the same time, Ukrainians are urged to reduce the load on the network.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyi reported that Kyiv and the region, Odesa and the region, Kharkiv and the region have the most problems with electricity supply .

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. How the hell has this been allowed to happen?
    For at least one year before putler’s Holocaust, nazi TV propagandists were calling for putler to bomb Ukrainian cities. It seemed unbelievable at the time, but it happened.
    Then when putler’s foul scum army started to get spanked, those same TV nazis were calling for months for putler to bomb Ukraine’s energy infrastructure and murder innocent civilians by freezing them to death.
    Well now that’s happening too, thanks to the failure of the allies to provide the help that was needed.
    The same nazi vermin on Solovyov’s demonic hate fest are now calling for nuclear attacks on Ukraine.
    This is why the allies must now take hard action.
    Russia must be made to hurt. Very badly and repeatedly.

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    • It’s more than frustrating to see this wanton destruction and killing going on continuously, and, concurrently, seeing this disgusting feet-dragging by the “allies”.

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