The situation in the liberated Kherson: there is no water and electricity, communication is being established, museums have been robbed, the archive has been mined, but life goes on!  

The liberated Kherson is gradually returning to normal life, reports Dumskaya’s own correspondent in this regional center. The communication of our employee is poor, so the report is slightly fragmented – forgive me. Next – his word.

Every day we see positive changes. Two huge trucks, which brought ambulances, have just passed along the central avenue of Kherson.

The day before yesterday a train arrived from Kyiv. Now you can just get into the car and go to any side of the beautiful and free Ukraine!

Among the children of Kherson, a new fashion is a tied Ukrainian flag with autographs of the liberators. Boys and girls come up to our soldiers and, blushing a little, ask for a signature. And then the proud go and show their worth to everyone.

The orchestra solemnly passed along the central avenue, playing the march of the Navy. We didn’t even have time to ask who it was, but everyone is sure that this is our sailor comes to life.

There was light near the station.

People organize themselves, ready to endure adversity. The most valuable thing now is light and water. Almost every Kherson citizen carries an extension cord in his bag or backpack to connect to the generator. The owners of these devices willingly share energy with others – completely free of charge.

Another value is points where there is water.

Kherson residents say: the main thing is that they are alive and well, and now we are free. For that, you can endure.

There is order in the city. Lots of cops. And although from five in the evening we plunge into continuous darkness, but everyone knows: there is someone to look after the order.

Large shortage of gasoline and diesel. Yesterday a liter cost 130 UAH. But the first gas stations are already opening.

The issue of pensions is very important. Pensioners have now calmed down: Ukrposhta has begun work and the issuance of pensions.

At home there is a record for humanitarian aid. Cars with humanitarian goods arrive. The first tents appeared where you can recharge your phone and warm yourself.

The city is alive…

Yes, there is no light, water, heat, still a bad connection. Kherson is being shelled, but we all see that the situation is improving every day. This can be seen in mobile communications, mobile Internet: there are more and more places where you can contact your family and friends, wherever they are.

Kherson residents say this: they got water, recharged their phones, they have food and gas, our air defense is working confidently, which means that everything is fine.

On the pedestal, where there was a monument to the Russian naval commander Ushakov, now there is a portrait of General Zaluzhny. Ushakov, we recall, the invaders took with them.

The main public space is Freedom Square. There is the Internet here, where everyone meets and discusses the post-war development of the city.

Lots of looted and mined objects. You can’t get into the regional archive: mines, the Russians took everything valuable from the local history and art museums.

But we are alive, and this is the main thing. Kherson is free, Kherson is Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!

Author — Leonid Vvedensky

State archive of the region – entry is prohibited. Dangerous: mines. This is one of the tragedies of cultural Kherson, which was robbed and mined by orcs.

Russian propaganda posters left after the Russian ship

New children’s fashion

Tents where you can warm up, recharge your phones

On this pedestal stood the Russian naval commander Ushakov. Now there is a portrait of Zaluzhny



  1. My God bless our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. It’s amazing how thankful they are for just the simplest of human necessities.


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