Poland to help Ukraine integrate Su-24 bombers with NATO SCALP missiles

The link to the following article was posted by Knut on UAWIRE. Can anyone verify it? It does not seem to have been mentioned anywhere else?

If true, it enables the defenders to hit targets 300km away.


  1. I see a link at the bottom to a similar article already posted by Redders:


    We were a bit doubtful at the time, but you never know!
    At one point Brian Whitmore was convinced that Ukraine was going to get or even already had ATACM’s.
    Unfortunately that too came to nothing, probably because the old ice cream guzzler got cold feet.

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    • I’d tap the “like” star on that if I could. I think biden’s support for Ukraine is good, but can be planned out better. Though I do admit that my recent experience in traveling to Kyiv has made me aware of a lot I should have planned for myself.

      I’ve been able to let my parents know what my situation is. Though I am literally down to my last few dollars, I was able to get back to the airport in Poland. They’re allowing me to wait here for the next five days on the grace that I don’t cause trouble or sleep in the waiting area downstairs after closing. Just in case I have to go outside, I have a blanket and several very warm sweatshirts. But I don’t think they are putting me out, and I recognize how this looks uncomfortable for them too.

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