On this day in history. 22nd November 2004

From the LinkedIn page of Martin Vrecko

Nov 22, 2022

On this day in history. 22nd November 2004. The start of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine that scared Putin. Not because it forced free elections there, but because it was a good example for Russians how to get rid of their own (ex-)communist oligarchy.

Since then, Putin focused on crushing Ukraine. The revolution followed rigged presidential elections, in which the outgoing president Kuchma and his (ex-)communist oligarchs wanted to install Yanukovich, much like Yeltsin and his gang installed Putin. They poisoned the rival candidate Yushchenko. It scarred his face, but he survived. They rigged the elections, but Ukrainians took to the streets. The EU supported them.

Russia supported Yanukovich. Russia’s animosity towards the EU only grew since then. Elections were repeated and Yushchenko won. Putin saw it as a personal defeat. He feared the same could happen to him. He concluded that he could not allow a democratic Ukraine with close economic ties with Europe. Even though his candidate Yanukovich was in power in 2013, Putin decided he would do anything to prevent Ukraine’s association agreement with the EU.

Putin’s obsession led to war in 2014. The Orange Revolution of 2004 also made Putin more brutal against the Russian opposition. Many were killed: Nemtsov, Politkovskaya, Litvineko, Magnitsky, Glushkov… Skripal and Navalny barely survived.

Who knows, what would have happened, if Yanukovich and his gang had not tried to steal the elections in 2004, or if he had signed the association agreement in 2013. He might have won the next elections and in 2014 Putin would not have had such a good opportunity to invade Ukraine.

standwithukraine #ukraine

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  1. I read about that poisoning and the general conditions of the Orange Revolution, in “The Gates of Europe: A History of Ukraine.” I think it was published maybe a year or two before putin’s current invasion, but it seemed like a very detailed account. I think I should look up more information and history about the region, but I’m glad to have started.

    An ignorant mind is often a closed mind, and all too easily manipulated when tyrants rise.

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