Don’t Stroke a Scorpion!

Robin Horsfall. Nov 21, 2022

Russia has floated the idea of ‘An indefinite truce’ towards Ukraine.
If anyone is unsure of exactly what this means. If anyone thinks that this is an initial step towards peace, you couldn’t be more wrong.
An indefinite truce is a weak attempt to sound willing to talk. It plays into the desires of those who would like peace at any cost.

An indefinite truce with Russia simply means this; You stop defeating our army, we take a break, we restore our defences and train new conscripts, we tell our own people that Ukraine is negotiating a peace and we make promises to the west and to Ukraine that we have no intentions of keeping.

Then when Ukraine and its allies have relaxed and are engaged in ‘talks’, when Ukrainians have returned to their homes, when a facade of peace has returned and hope for the future restored – then Putin will strike again, only this time with the gaps and weaknesses that have been exposed in his war machine repaired.

Zelensky knows there are no deals to be made with a scorpion. Putin will sting him no matter how much he strokes his claws.

Slava Ukraini!

Who Dares Shares.

Robin Horsfall

Some comments from Robin’s readers:

Dave Mendoza: “I will not support any peace surrender without damaging reparations to rebuild Ukraine and a guarantee that allows them to rearm with nukes. Ukraine voluntarily gave up a third of all Soviet nuclear warheads on its territory under the terms of the Budapest accords signed by President Clinton and yeltsin. It was a monstrosity of a foreign policy failure on the part of Clinton that led to this. Had Ukraine not given away its fundamental right to withhold its greatest means to guarantee its sovereignty this war would never have happened. Russia must pay heavily and dearly and the world must verify its regular payments to Ukraine and for war crimes. Under no condition should we demand less.”

John Francis Davies: “Interesting. The species depicted is an Emperor Scorpion.
It has very strong claws, but a very weak sting.
An appropriate metaphor.”

Simon Green: “So true and more people need to realise what the old Soviet doctrine is and how TOTAL his total war concept is. The only way to “win” is through strength. Then once you’ve won the peace – stay strong enough to deter the bully for the next time. Something we never did after “winning” the Cold War. We cached in the military insurance policy.”

David Finch: “The indefinite truce can start once all Russians have gone home, suitable reparations have been paid, and Ukraine has joined NATO.”

Chris A Thomas : “100% agree… the ‘dance of the scorpion’ or ‘promenade à deux’ is a very good analogy as Ukraine dances with ‘mother Russia’. Unfortunately history continues to repeat itself. Since 1917 Ukraine has suffered on more than one occasion at he hands of the soviet system and its dictatorial leaders. Russians unfortunately are not educated about the attrocities that have taken place on their bahalf. Russian people are upset thinking why do they not welcome our soldiers etc. well it has probably got something to do with the fact that millions of Ukraninans have been starved, shot, lynched and murdered by the Moscow leadership over the last 105 years.”

Francis Brookes: “Apparently, the larger species of Scorpion, despite looking really nasty, have far less harmful venom than their smaller cousins, who in turn have really powerful venom. In short, the smaller the species of Scorpion, the more concentrated and lethal the venom. Perhaps there are further parallels to be drawn.”

Borian K: “Hello Mr. Robin Horsfall , have you ever considered the idea of becoming a politician? I think that all of us are fed up with current breed of gutless politicians, whose furthest horizon is re-election and nothing more….”

Reply from Robin : “I dabbled once but I genuinely don’t believe I am suitably qualified. Politicians in democracies are free game for every miserable member of the public and every vexatious member of the press. Our politicians are as they are, because they need to be invulnerable to abuse, immune to cruel innuendo and be prepared to age twice as fast as those who judge them. It is a young mans job. I’m sure many of them start in the hope that they will change the world but after a while they simply hope that the world will not change them. I pity and respect them.

Chris A Thomas; “Although I suspect Robin is too humble or modest to say it, he actually understands what it means to lead with honour and integrity. Unfortunatley this does not seem to fit the mould of many politicians.”


  1. Many of LinkedIn’s top pro-Ukraine posters have been targeted by the FSB or the Prigozhin troll farm using bogus accounts and making bogus complaints. Foul scum.
    Marina Chekh is still off their system. Robin was zapped for about one week until he restored his account.
    LinkedIn itself does not operate in putlerstan. It was kicked out in 2017.

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  2. North and South Korea have also been at an “indefinite truce” ever since their war. That’s what an armistice is. If Russia is truly willing to accept this, maybe it would be fine, but occasionally north korea still tries lobbing weapons towards the south, and even has been threatening Japan with missiles. They’ve even tried nuclear weapons tests. I think a vaguely defined “truce” isn’t good enough.


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