Defensive line is being built on border with Ukraine in Belgorod Oblast, Russia, in preparation for “attack” by Ukraine’s Armed Forces

22 NOVEMBER 2022

A defensive ‘zasechnaya’ line [Great Abatis Line – ed.] is being built in Belgorod Oblast of Russia as the Russians are preparing for an “attack” by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Source: Vyacheslav Gladkov, Governor of Belgorod Oblast, on Telegram; Gladkov press conference on 21 November

Details: At the press conference, Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov announced that Russia is building a ‘zasechnaya’ line on the border of Belgorod Oblast with Ukraine: “I’m talking about the formation of the Belgorod line, the Belgorod ‘zasechnaya’ line.”

Later, he posted photos of the construction.

Reference: The ‘Zasechnaya’ line or Belgorod defensive line is a system of defensive structures built on the southern and eastern borders of then-Russian territories in the 16th and 17th centuries to protect against Crimean raids.

More details: At the press conference, Gladkov also reported that Belgorod Oblast has been strengthening its borders since April. When Gladkov was asked whether an attack by Ukraine on the oblast is possible, he answered

Quote: “I would not like to dramatise the situation. Because I recognise that each of my words can be interpreted differently depending on the context. But in any case, we always consider several options for the course of events: optimistic, pessimistic and moderate. 

Therefore, we are preparing for various scenarios. I hope we won’t need pessimistic options, but we are actively considering them.”


  1. What do you say about an enemy who invades another country and then starts building defensive fortifications on it own territory?
    This isn’t the first time that an article appears about this. Clearly, the cockroaches have no hope to stop the Ukrainian army from retaking cockroach-occupied lands!

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