Why does YouTube allow kremlin propaganda to be posted in such industrial quantities?

Lemuel Chyme, Palookaville Free Press.

Nov 21

Could it be connected with one of the co-founders of Google; which owns YouTube? That would be Moscow-born Sergey Brin.

A convicted pervert/paedophile named Scott Ritter, is allowed to post repulsive videos that glorify Russia and lie about Ukraine. Should this foul scum still be allowed to operate?

One of the past predictions of this “pundit” is : “The US will be defeated in Iraq.”

Ritter has been allocated a wiki page. Probably he won’t like it much, as it provides truthful information about its subject:-


The titles of Ritter‘s poisonous, hateful videos include: “Russia ain’t gonna stop”, “15 Ukrainians are dying for every Russian dying”, “Stop funding a nazi-infested Ukrainian regime” and “If you go to war with Russia, this is what happens.”

The following one is “Why Ukraine will lose.”

Is the motivation of this “pundit” greed, kompromat, ideology, loyalty to a fascist regime, or all four?

Does the law of USA permit US citizens to behave like this without any fear of a federal response? Isn’t it time to draft some new legislation to deal with such people?

Surely this creature is guilty of aiding and abetting the war objectives of a genocidal fascist power?

A person who participates for Russia in its information war is surely as guilty as the enemy combatants on the ground?


  1. This communist dirtbag speaks as if he is reading from a text sent by Pisscough.
    Probably because he is.
    That greasy fuck interviewing him is just as evil.

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