Ukraine marks Dignity and Freedom Day

Ukraine marks Dignity and Freedom Day

21.11.2022 08:16

Ukraine marks Dignity and Freedom Day annually on November 21.

It was established in accordance with the Presidential Decree of November 13, 2014, to mark the beginning of two significant events in contemporary Ukrainian history on this day – the Orange Revolution of 2004 and the Revolution of Dignity of 2013.

Dignity and Freedom Day became a kind of successor to the Freedom Day holiday which was celebrated in honor of the Orange Revolution on November 22 from 2005 to 2011.

It was on November 21, 2013, when Ukrainians started to hold the first protest rallies in response to the decision of the then government to stop the country’s movement towards European integration and freeze preparations for the signing of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

However, unlike the events of the Orange Revolution, the defense of dignity and freedom led to 106 Ukrainian patriots killed and over 2,000 more injured. And in the spring of 2014, Russia’s military aggression began, accompanied by the occupation of Crimea and certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

This year, Dignity and Freedom Day is celebrated against the background of Russia’s full-scale invasion which began on February 24. Ukraine is again fighting for its freedom and independence, defending itself against the aggressor.

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  1. I remember this day in 2013, the students were putting stickers on the Berkut’s shields. They were singing songs and painting their faces and waving flags. This is how Ukraine protested Yanukovych’s betrayal of his campaign promises. And look how the protest evolved into Moskali war crimes. For what? Because Ukrainians don’t want to be slaves. This must be the last war and I’m afraid that means complete annihilation of putin and his regime and the return of glory for Ukraine.

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