The operation on the Kinburn Spit continues in silence – OK “South”


Translated from Ukrainian via Google and OFP

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue the operation on the Kinburn Spit in the south of the Nikolaev region. For its success, it is necessary to observe the mode of silence.

Combat work to liberate the territory from the RF Armed Forces continued as of November 21. This was announced on the air of the news marathon “United News” by the head of the joint press center of the Southern Defense Forces Natalia Gumenyuk.

She explained that the occupiers could bring reserves and ammunition to the spit across the land. But even despite this, it will be difficult for them to stay in this territory. The geographical position, namely the environment on three sides with water, will not allow the Russian military to create a large concentration of forces there.

In addition, the weather is on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine now. “In November, there are usually very strong storms. And it’s impossible to stay there in any area for any length of time. Nature there is hostile, and it washes and blows away the enemy from this land,” Gumenyuk noted.

It is necessary, in particular, to drive the enemy away from the Kinburn Spit so that the grain agreement can be extended to the port of Nikolaev.

“Since there have been talks that the Mykolaiv port may join the grain agreement, it is necessary to clean this area in order for the grain corridor from Mykolaiv to work safely,” a spokeswoman for the Southern Defense Forces explained.


– The General Staff reported that in the south of Ukraine, Russian troops began to create a layered defense system , improve fortification equipment and logistics support for advanced units.

– On November 21, within two hours, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed enemy facilities in six settlements of the occupied part of the Kherson region. Russian warehouses with ammunition were burned down, as well as an accumulation of military equipment and weapons.


  1. “It is necessary, in particular, to drive the enemy away from the Kinburn Spit so that the grain agreement can be extended to the port of Nikolaev.”

    That reason alone is worth getting rid of the cockroach plague on the spit. Another one is that a toehold on the left bank would be the start of greater things to come. Either way, it seems as if the UA forces are keeping this area in their circle of interest.

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