The first battalion of the Turkic peoples “Turan” has been created in Ukraine: its fighters are ready to destroy the regimes of Putin and Kadyrov. Video


Translated from Ukrainian via Google

In Ukraine, the first battalion of the Turkic peoples called “Turan” was created. Its fighters are ready to destroy the regimes of the Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin and the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov.

The battalion commander was a citizen of Kyrgyzstan , Almaz Kudabek uulu. The corresponding video message of the battalion was published on the BACE Telegram channel , owned by Kazakh oppositionist Aidos Sadykov.

“Under the guise of a special operation, Putin arranges the genocide of the Turkic-speaking people. Under the guise of Islam, Ramzan Kadyrov declares jihad. Islam is sacred for us, and our saints should not be played. We will destroy the Shaitan regime of Kadyrov, the imperial regime of Putin, we will fight. We will nightmare you from the inside and outside,” Kudabek uulu said.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, the Armed Forces of Ukraine urgently appealed to the Belarusian people amid rumors about their possible entry into the war on the side of the Russian Federation. Residents of the neighboring country were urged not to follow criminal orders, otherwise Ukraine will respond as harshly as to all invaders on our land.


  1. Though putin wasn’t in charge at the time, russia as the USSR certainly demonstrated a strong disregard for international sovereignty towards muslims when they tried seizing Afghanistan, and that was ultimately part of what broke the USSR. With so much resentment against putin’s russia, he might as be like a little boy trying to smash a blacksmith’s anvil with a half-rotted tree branch!

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    • The rat was only lucky all these years with all his aggression because he was dealing with unmitigated weaklings in the West.


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