From FB page; Pray for Ukraine

Jack Swindle

Nov 21

🇺🇦 Day 270 of the war in Ukraine!
Now, at 270 days into the war, the Ukrainian official count for rockets launched by Russia into Ukraine is 4700. This is just rockets not artillery shells or bombs. Many of those rockets targeted Ukrainian infrastructure. Imagine the horrors and difficulties the Ukrainian civilians are going through in order to just stay alive. The hardships they are facing everyday to try and live a somewhat normal life. Many people are limited to a few hours of power per day. Others are limited per week. How would we manage little things like our refrigerators shutting off everyday and trying to keep from losing our food? Or trying to cook not knowing when power will go out or air raid sirens go off? Or bathing with no hot water and many times no water at all? What is life like now for the average Ukrainian family after Russia decided to destroy Ukraine? My next question is what is life like now for Russians, how many people living in Russia are affected by this war. Are their home destroyed? Are they doing without water, food or power? So, what actually is Ukraine doing to Russia and it’s citizens? Nothing!!


  1. The putinazis demand the right to murder Ukrainian civilians with bombs, missiles and shells. They demand the right to freeze them to death, starve them to death as they did in the Holodomor, rape them, torture them, thieve off them, imprison them in disgusting conditions, kidnap their children and spread evil lies about them.
    According to the gigantic Goebbells-type propaganda machine of RuZZia, Ukrainians are “nazis” and “satanists” committing “genocide”, their leaders are “drug addicts.”
    As Goebbells said : “always accuse others of what you yourself are doing.”
    This is the diabolical creed of putlerism.
    The putler murder gang is into all sorts of satanic and occult ideology: you only have to read Dugin for that, or look at their interest in bizarre rituals with antler blood.
    Putler fans, even including young girls, post videos of astonishing anti-Ukraine hatred on VK; even laughing and gloating at the murder of little Ukrainian children. Now that is satanic.
    The “people” (if you can call them that) of Russia expect to be able to inflict unlimited pain, death and misery upon Ukraine without any blowback or disruption whatsoever to their evil and disgusting lives.
    Well now it’s time for Ukraine to inflict wave after wave of agony and death on the nazi aggressor.
    This time, the allies must say “enough really is enough; we surely won’t stand by while yet another Ukrainian mother has her little child murdered by savages.”

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  2. There is a flood of indignation in the western liberal press about the corrupt FIFA awarding the World Cup to a squalid dictatorship. They are particularly concerned about Qatar’s persecution of gays. Well RuZZia persecutes gays as well. It also murders its neighbours, thieves their land and behaves worse than isis, Hitler, Lenin, Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot combined. Yet virtually no one complained about an actual textbook fascist country: Russia, being awarded the WC.
    Sick people, sick fucking world.

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    • Yes, Qatar is a large example of the hypocrisy of the West. If we see it this way – the difference of treatment between mafia land and Qatar – others will too, and this robs us of our credibility. But, all those liberal morons have turned blind from the sake of their fucking campaign of shoving homosexuality down everyone’s throat.

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      • Persecution of minorities is one of the hallmarks of fascism.
        Successful countries are rightly tolerant of alternative lifestyles. Take the examples of San Francisco, Sydney, Tel Aviv and Brighton (UK).
        In the UK, it was a conservative; Dave Cameron, who legalized gay marriage. There were virtually no votes in it for him as they tend to vote left of centre. Yet it was a good decision because gays as a community are more economically productive than average.
        So we should let them live their lives in peace without promoting it as a lifestyle choice.
        A lot of seemingly macho fascists turn out to be closet gays.
        I think the track record of Ukraine towards minorities is pretty good. As an example, Jews in full religious regalia can walk on Ukrainian streets without fear of being attacked.
        As far as I am aware, Ukrainian Gypsies do not suffer from persecution, neither do gays, Muslims or any other minority.
        In Georgia it’s a similar picture. Tbilisi is one of the only cities in the world that has a synagogue next to a mosque.
        Gays in Georgia have to be ahem; less “flamboyant”, as Georgians are very religious. But they are tolerated; unlike in putlerstan.

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        • It’s every country’s own choice to accept gays or lesbians or someone who feels like a loaf of bread or identifies as a potato. My point is this intrusive, meddlesome, and graceless coercion of liberals upon others who prefer not to accept that potatoes can be people, if you know what I mean.

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