The occupier of the 64th Motorized Rifle Brigade justifies the crimes in Bucha: everyone had a roof

According to Chybrin, four Russian soldiers raped a mother and daughter in the village of Andriivka.

War criminals are taking loot from Kyiv region / GPU
War criminals are taking loot from Kyiv region / GPU

Nikita Chybrin  , a soldier of the 64th Motorized Rifle Brigade , who is accused of crimes in Bucha, confirmed the murders of Ukrainians. In an interview with the Russian The Insider , he also confirmed the fact of Russian soldiers raping women in Andriivka. 

Chybrin explained the crimes of his brigade by the fact that all of them “went crazy”. 

“I know for sure that there were facts of looting. I saw how they took cars in Lypivka and Andriivka, I saw how they broke cars that could not be started, destroyed houses. Apparently, their roofs fell off, they say, we have power, we have tanks , we have BMPs, weapons, and so on. The “Rambo syndrome” was on. They took jewelry from houses, mobile devices. Their roofs caved in because of this. Many found alcohol in the houses and drank it,” the occupier said.

According to Chybrin, four Russian soldiers raped a mother and daughter in the village of Andriivka. 

Then the soldier began to complain that the crimes were committed because of the allegedly terrible conditions at the front: “People were not in a normal world for long. They did not have normal conditions. The Ukrainian army showed footage of a trench where they have everything humane: shelter, isolation from moisture, beds are normal, electricity. The attitude of the Ukrainian army to its soldiers is much better.”

Chybrin pretended to be crazy at the front so that he would not be sent to the front. Due to the fact that he ran away and refused to shoot, according to him, “everyone, including the family, turned their backs on him.”

Chybrin said that he wants to testify in an international court: “I have nothing to hide. This is a criminal war started by Russia. I want to do everything possible to end it.

Buchan massacre

On the morning of February 24,  Russia launched a full-scale war against Ukraine . First, the enemy bombed military facilities, and then attacked the civilian population, in particular, the Kyiv region. Part of the settlements turned out to be temporarily occupied by Russian troops, including Bucha.

At the beginning of April, it became known that  Bucha was freed from the enemy . Mass graves containing hundreds of local residents were discovered in the city. At the same time, signs of violent death were found on the bodies of the victims. In addition, corpses of shot residents, including women, lay on the streets of Buchi. Many of the dead tried to burn them. 

Later, Buchi Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk said that the  opponents killed more than 400 local residents . The occupiers raped children and adults, so the military still finds the bodies of tortured people. A group  of women and girls were kept in the basement of the house  for 25 days. Nine of them are now pregnant.

Russian President Vladimir  Putin praised the “heroism and courage” of the 64th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade  of the Russian Ground Forces, which staged a bloody massacre in Buch, Kyiv region. He assigned this brigade of rapists, marauders and murderers the name “Guards”.

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  1. When will the West understand the nature of Russians. When will they do something other than blaming Ukraine or NATO as provoking this war. I want Putin castrated. Nothing less will do.

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    • That’s Halifax Nova Scotia Canada buddy, not Haifa. And I agree with your comment, though it is alarmingly disheartening to see how many cracks are appearing in the support for Ukraine. Simply put, if you don’t support Ukraine, you support barbarism and world anarchy.

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  2. There are no excuses for all such behavior. Period. A well-disciplined army simply does not do such things and does not tolerate such behavior. The entire globe now knows that mafia land does not have a disciplined military. The entire globe knows that it has a heavily armed street gang. The sad thing is that many countries and individuals (Tucker Carlson, Peter Hitchins, Steven Seagal, Gerhard Schröder, Angela Merkel, Silvio Berlusconi, Victor Orban, et al) on this globe couldn’t give a rat’s ass. They aren’t affected by any of the cockroach army’s atrocities.

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