Russians complain about growing depression: not because of war, but because of mobilisation

20 NOVEMBER 2022

At the end of the 8th month of the full-scale invasion, Russia recorded an increase in the number of complaints about depression; it began after 21 September, when the mobilisation in Russia was announced.

Source: RBK news agency, citing Russian psychological centres

Details: After 21 September, the day of the declaration of partial mobilisation in the country, sociologists have reported an increase in the level of anxiety among Russians. Interviewed psychological assistance centres have confirmed that the number of complaints has increased compared to February, when the full-scale invasion began.

By the summer, the number of those complaining of stress dropped to an annual low.

Experts note that there was no serious increase in the number of appeals after the start of the full-scale invasion.

One psychological centre said that for the first two weeks, they received questions about “what to do” and “how to deal with anxiety”, but then the number of requests decreased noticeably.

Background: In September, before the announced mobilisation, 70% of Russians still supported Russia’s war against Ukraine.


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