Russian Politician Says Strikes on Ukraine Are Fueled by ‘Holy Hatred’


Utility workers clean up territory near residential building damaged by missile fragments on November 16, 2022 in Kyiv, Ukraine.YEVHENII ZAVHORODNII/GLOBAL IMAGES UKRAINE VIA GETTY IMAGES

Russian strikes against Ukraine are an expression of “holy hatred,” a Russian politician has said on state television.

In a clip shared on Twitter by Julia Davis, the creator of the Russian Media Monitor, State Duma member Boris Chernyshov is seen suggesting that those who support Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky should “freeze and rot.”

“These retaliatory strikes—and they are retaliatory… it’s an expression of our hatred, our holy hatred,” he said.

Ukrainians, he added, will “be sitting without gas, without light and without everything else. If the Kyiv regime chose the path of war criminals, they have to freeze and rot over there.”

He added that “regular people have to take to the streets and put an end to Zelensky’s Nazi regime.”

Chernyshov’s comments came as Kherson, a city in southern Ukraine, has come under intense Russian bombardment after it was liberated from an eight-month occupation by Russian forces, in yet another blow to the Kremlin. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky walked the streets of the city on Monday, hailing it as “the beginning of the end of the war.”

But on Russian state television, commentators questioned why Ukrainians had not already risen up against their leader when they are “basically oppressed.”

“There is no uprising, when it seems there should be,” said former Ukrainian politician Vladimir Oleynik.

“Where are the revolts? We don’t see any revolts,” Roman Babayan, the show’s host, added.

Babayan said support for Zelensky—who he described as “this guy in a T-shirt”—was high in Ukraine “if you trust Kyiv polls.” However, Oleynik cautioned against trusting polls during wartime.

Babayan also asked Oleynik why Russia did not strike Kherson when Zelensky was there, who replied that it was a question for Russian President Vladimir Putin. “That’s to whom it should be addressed,” he said.

Oleynik went on to call Zelensky a “terrorist.” He “fits all the criteria of a terrorist,” Oleynik said. “You remember him being compared to Al-Qaeda, bin Laden—his fate is the same.”

One commentator suggested that Ukrainians will eventually turn against Zelensky after suffering through a harsh winter, which would force him to negotiate with Russia.

“When objects of the infrastructure get their pumpkins pummeled every day, when civilian population has minimal casualties, but their living conditions in winter unbearable, ambulances aren’t functioning, the old people are dying, as well as the children… for Zelensky, this will be an argument,” said political scientist Vladimir Sergiyenko.

“He will call [German Chancellor Olaf] Scholz and say, ‘Scholz, do you remember saying you won’t recognize the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia? Look, my population is running, we can’t make it through winter, let’s discuss the conditions under which we’re ready to sign a de-facto capitulation.'”

However, Babayan concluded that Russia’s strikes against Ukraine’s infrastructure must continue because negotiations with Ukraine “won’t end well for us.”

“This contributes to our victory. For us, victory is absolutely necessary. Any negotiations, if they suddenly start with the Ukrainian side, these negotiations won’t end well for us.

“On the other side, there is not a single person that could be trusted by the Russian government and the Russian people. Destruction of our nation is the sole reason for their existence. They openly talk about it. We can overcome this situation only through strength.”

Negotiations are “only possible when there are those who will follow through on agreed conditions and clear guarantees,” Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, told Newsweek on Saturday. Vladimir Putin’s Russia “cannot provide it. They are war criminals & pathological liars.”


  1. “These retaliatory strikes—and they are retaliatory… it’s an expression of our hatred, our holy hatred,”

    With such and other evil statements from the Kremlin and their various mouthpieces, it seems as if those evil, brainwashed, insane and bloodthirsty ruskie clowns in mafia land want to make sure that the last person on this globe realizes that they are a pack of evil, brainwashed, insane and bloodthirsty clowns. Did those other clowns in Washington, Paris and Berlin get the message yet?

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