Putin has very serious oncology: the historian said what the president of Russia is holding on to

The Russian president is persistently protected from public speeches, the analyst noted.

Vladimir Putin has very serious oncology, claims the historian / screenshot video
Vladimir Putin has very serious oncology, claims the historian / screenshot video

Russian President Vladimir Putin has several diagnoses , in particular, he has very serious oncology and mental problems.

The head of Russia relies on targeted therapy (treatment with drugs that block the growth and spread of cancer cells), Russian historian and political analyst Valery Solovei said in an interview with UNIAN .

According to him, now the president of the Russian Federation is already going through a decisive stage – he is strongly protected from public speeches, and if they are organized, then only under strict control or with the use of doubles, as has already happened more than once.

“He has several diagnoses. It is a very difficult oncology. He is on targeted therapy, but it cannot last indefinitely. He has Parkinson’s disease, which affects some behavioral features. He also has mental problems, but not in the everyday sense, but in strictly medical. They are aggravated by the influence of drugs,” said the expert.

The analyst believes that Putin would be better off messing with his young children and grandchildren now, rather than engaging in big politics.

“But no, he wants to go this way to the end and end, as he thinks, with a triumph. He won’t end with a triumph, but at least he wants to avoid shame,” the historian added.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. Huh??? I’ve been hearing about the cockroach and his cancer for far too long to believe this. As for mental illness, you don’t need to be a journalist, historian, doctor or any other profession to see that. So IMO, the son of a bitch should just DROP DEAD and put all this speculation in the grave.

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  2. Too many accounts have been written to describe all the deadly diseases this rat is suffering from. I’m waiting for the one that announces his death. It really doesn’t matter how he dies, what matters is ASAP!

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  3. The above may or may not be speculation. What is true is that putler is a clinical psychopath. Google the characteristics.
    Bill Browder; not a medical man but very shrewd, certainly believes so.
    It first became clear during Minsk; if you study the way that putler’s mask slipped when he met Poroshenko, revealing the sinister, gloating subhuman that he is, it is absolute proof.

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