Ogryzko: Russia has collapsed, there will be no more bets on this loser. Interview


Translated from Ukrainian via Google

The longer the wild war of Russia against Ukraine continues , the fewer allies among influential countries the Russian Federation will have. Subsequently, the club of sympathizers of the Putin regime may leave China and India. Today the whole world has realized that Russia has “collapsed” and is no longer a center of power. The myths about the “second army of the world”, about a powerful economic and technological country have been debunked. No one will bet on such a player.

In Ukraine, the significance of the G20 summit in Bali is somewhat exaggerated , but the meeting of the presidents of the United States and China became the key event at it. It is she who will determine the global changes in the world that can be expected in the near future. This opinion was expressed in an exclusive interview with OBOZREVATEL by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Volodymyr Ohryzko .

– After the missile attack on the territory of Poland , Turkish President Erdogan made a strange statement : he respects Russia’s statements about not being involved in this event. Is he actually playing along with Putin? Why?

“Actually, there is nothing new here. Erdogan continues to play his game in order to be in the middle and receive bonuses from this mediating role from both the Russian and Western sides.

Therefore, I think it is not at all difficult for him now to declare that this is not Russia, that in fact there is no Russian trace here. In order, in particular, to demonstrate their equidistance and peacekeeping. But this is not surprising. He makes equivocations either to the Ukrainian side, or to the Russian side, when it suits him.

Perhaps now, due to certain circumstances, it is beneficial for him to make such a move. This once again indicates that there is no particular honesty there. Everything is subordinated to his personal interests, but not because it corresponds to reality.

It’s too early to talk about what kind of rocket it was. But it is obvious that whatever it is, it is a consequence of the Russian war. Therefore, to say that Russia has nothing to do with it is not objective. Russia has something to do with it, because it is precisely because Russia was shelling Ukrainian territory that a Ukrainian missile may have fallen on the territory of Poland, although it is also difficult to imagine: how Ukrainian missiles that shot down Russian missiles flying from the east could end up on west. Unless the trajectory of these missiles was quite amazing.

Therefore, such statements are indeed dishonest. They are made by Erdogan in order to balance between Russia and the West.

– A rather difficult and ambiguous situation developed at the G20 summit in Bali Can we say that the club of fans, Putin’s sympathizers remains quite influential today?

– It seems to me that we are somewhat exaggerating the importance of this forum. For one way or another, the meeting between Biden and Xi Jinping was key there . It is this meeting that will determine in rough strokes what will happen globally in the near future.

Russia is no longer among those players who seriously influence something. After the first day of his stay, Lavrov disappeared from this forum. And this is no coincidence. No one else accepts Russia as a center of power. Everything collapsed. The illusion that Russia has the second army in the world has collapsed, the illusion that Russia is an economically powerful country has collapsed. She is not. The illusion that it is a technological country has collapsed. She is not. For if you disassemble refrigerators and washing machines into chips, everything will become obvious.

It seems to me that the same sympathizers of Russia cannot fail to see this. This is not in their own interest. They can’t bet on a loser.

So I think it’s just a matter of perspective. The longer Russia continues this wild war of its own – and the fact that this is a wild war, the participants of the Twenty or the Nineteen saw with their own eyes – there will be fewer and fewer such sympathizers.

Ultimately, no country wants to associate itself with criminals. And today Russia acts as a global criminal, frankly demonstrating its crimes. Therefore, it seems to me that the tendency of Russia within the framework of this Nineteen is becoming more and more negative.

China is really holding on. India is trying to make money, but this is also for the time being, for the time being. And the rest of the countries that support Russia can hardly be called decisive. Both South Africa and Brazil. These countries do not have such a strong influence on the global agenda.



  1. “For if you disassemble refrigerators and washing machines into [for computer-OFP] chips, everything will become obvious.”

    Mafia land – only losers will bet on this loser!

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    • I think the Central regime of Moskovia will collapse and survival will be left up to the regions. Much like 1991. Then I think the regions will be bitter because they couldn’t depend on the regime nor Putin and will seek independence. We see this theory now on a smaller scale with forced mobilization. Nobody wants it and because it is hard work it is left to the regions to manage. All the central government can produce is pain for the regions, so what is it’s usefulness?

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      • If all those people in those regions were normal human beings, they would shed putinism immediately, especially seeing how Vlad’s army is getting a sound beating.

        Liked by 4 people

        • Agreed. I’ve said the same many times. I know Georgia’s been invaded by vacating Moskali since the war started and Moldova has had provocations and still didn’t do anything though they don’t have much, if any, military.
          Even in greater Europe there is no call to take Kaliningrad back even after putin’s viscous war crimes and nuke threats.

          Liked by 3 people

        • Because unfortunately Georgia already is under defacto putinazi rule.
          Georgians hate Russia and support Ukraine, but the Georgia Dream party clings to power by sham elections.
          Georgia was abandoned by Dubya in 2008. Then the EU and its filthy corrupt putinoid emissary Sarkozy gave 20% of its land to putler.

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