SOS from Kyiv – Solutions Urgently Needed

By Alex Frishberg.

 Published Nov. 18 at 3:50 pm

A woman looks at a graffiti made by Banksy on the wall of a heavily damaged building in the Gorenka village, near Kyiv, amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. (Photo by Genya SAVILOV / AFP)

Nobody asked for my opinion, but I would like to state it for the record today (Nov. 18, 2022), and for posterity, and also to pose the following geo-political dilemma of the century:

If this daily barrage of hundreds of Russian missiles and drones over Ukraine continues for another week or two, all of us here will be left without any electricity and water (no water pumps due to absence of electricity, no generators work that long without burning out, no gas stations sell gas because credit cards and pumps don’t work because of electricity, etc).

What human being in any high-rise in Kyiv can live this way for more than a week (without elevators, water, electricity, etc.)?  How do you live like this through the entire winter?  All of these people will have to go somewhere with heat, water and food.  Where will they all go, if Russia continues to destroy our energy infrastructure, including gas lines (yesterday evening was the first successful attempt, not the last).

At the same time, Ukraine is not permitted to destroy the launching platforms of the Russian rockets and drones that are well-known to be in Belarus and Russia.  Why not?

The reason why we cannot destroy the source of evil (missiles and drones) is simple: it’s because the Western countries are afraid. They fear that offending Putin will result in a direct confrontation between the West (NATO and U.S.) and Russia (a nuclear power).

To me, it’s unbelievable that the almighty America and NATO are afraid (!!) of provoking a dictator, that this provocation would result in World War III, with all the consequences that will follow.  What cowards, I say.

From where I sit here in Kyiv, we will continue to be bombed into oblivion by Russia in the next few weeks, although we could easily wipe out the launching sites with HIMARS, thereby saving ourselves.  But we cannot do so, because otherwise Ukraine will not get anymore Western weapons for our self-defense.  And so, we must suffer this destruction, day by day, like a boxer with hands tied behind his back.

In conclusion, like everyone else in Ukraine, I eagerly await the wise decisions of our great leaders of the civilized world.  In the meanwhile, I would like to invite a few of my well-respected friends to comment on my opinion of today’s events

At this point, any suggestion will do…

SOS from Kyiv, with respect.

Alex Frishberg, Esq. is an attorney with the Kyiv law firm of Frishberg & Partners.

The views expressed are the author’s and not necessarily of Kyiv Post.


  1. Well said Mr Frishberg.
    Brilliant article that makes me furious.
    Rishi is in Kyiv. FFS someone show him this article.
    Something has got to be done quickly.
    Remember what Bill Browder said months ago about putler? “He’s an evil man; the most evil in the world. And he’s got lots of evil things planned.”

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  2. Unfortunately, there is lots of cowardice in the West. A coward is a coward, no matter what happens. So, what can we do about cowardice and all of these cowards? How can you give someone a set of balls who has none? How can you give someone a real spine who has one made of rubber? How can you make a person into steel, who is now only a piece of marshmallow?
    I have no answers. Do you?

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    • Think if just a quarter of the world gave 5 dollars a month. Figuring that’s about 2 billion people. For an influx of 10 billion a month. 5 could go for economic stabilization of pensions, frontline workers, social programs and running the country. 3 could go for military arms, and equipment. While 2 could go towards humanitarian hospitals warming centers, food, water medicine. Can we as the free world pull this off since our leaders lack the moxie to do what needs to be done?

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    • We know from what Joe said that he thinks that the right thing to do is boast about “no blank cheques” like that McCarthy asshole. Just at a time when blank cheques are exactly what is needed.
      Can the only other reliable friends of Ukraine: (the Balts are excluded purely because of their size), Poland and Britain, be persuaded to go the extra mile?
      Provide combat troops for Kyiv, Odessa and Mykolaiv. Offer to fly combat missions in support of Ukraine’s airforce and increase everything else they are doing by a factor of 50%.
      Mightn’t this shame Joe into joining in, instead of repeating the very foolish mantra of “we won’t risk WW2?”
      Poland wants to replace putlerstan in the G20, which means it sees itself rightly as a world power. Let them!
      Another thing that annoys me : Polish immigrants to Britain are a great success. I think there might be a million of them since 2004. Large numbers of young Polish men walk into British army recruitment centres to offer their services. Which are refused because of archaic rules about only UK and commonwealth citizens can apply.
      Here is a solution: any country can apply to join the British commonwealth. There are many members now who have no link to the British empire; they just want to be in it.
      What I want is for the tripartite agreement with Poland, Ukraine and Britain to go a step further: they should both join the British commonwealth.
      Our three armed forces could then integrate. It would be a powerful grouping; like Nato, but with integrity.

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  3. We have to ask:
    1/ why does the US constantly allow France and Germany to block Georgia and Ukraine?
    2/ why does it allow it to have shitbag Marxists in charge? The last conservative to run Nato was Lord Carrington back in the 1980’s!
    3/ why does it permit so many members that will never fight Russia?
    4/ why does it only accept new members that are not under threat from Russia?
    5/ why is it allowing Sweden and Finland to leapfrog Ukraine?
    I would not allow the above two to join ahead of Ukraine.
    UNLESS, Ukraine can be fully protected by the type of organization that I outlined.
    Nato is an absolute fucking disgrace.

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