Russia significantly increases defense spending for 2023 – British intelligence

In particular, in the draft budget of the Russian Federation for the next year, spending on Russian defense is increased by more than 40%.

Russia has increased defense spending for the next year by 40% / photo of the Ministry of Defense of the Ministry of Defense
Russia has increased defense spending for the next year by 40% / photo of the Ministry of Defense of the Ministry of Defense

Due to the war and defeats at the front, Russia is significantly increasing budget expenditures for the defense sector for 2023.

In particular, on November 16, Russia made the largest issue of debt obligations in one day, attracting 820 billion rubles ($13.6 billion), reports the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain with reference to intelligence data on Twitter .

“This is important for Russia, as debt issuance is a key mechanism for maintaining defense spending, which has increased significantly since the invasion of Ukraine,” the report said.

It is also said that Russia’s planned spending on “national defense” in 2023 at the level of approximately 5 trillion rubles ($84 billion) indicates an increase of the previous 2023 budget by more than 40%.

As noted by the intelligence, the issue of debt obligations is expensive in periods of uncertainty.

“The size of this auction very likely indicates that the Russian Ministry of Finance considers the current conditions to be relatively favorable, but predicts an increasingly uncertain tax environment over the coming year,” added the intelligence.

The war in Ukraine: consequences for Russia

As UNIAN reported, according to calculations made back in May, the Russian Federation spent 900 million dollars a day on the war with Ukraine . This amount then included payments to soldiers, providing them with ammunition and missiles, as well as the costs of repairing damaged military equipment.

According to British intelligence,  massive missile strikes on Ukraine are depleting the reserves of the Russian Federation.

It was also reported that the  war against Ukraine  forever deprived the Russian Federation of its status as a leading energy state.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. What is planned and what becomes reality of such plans are always two pairs of shoes, and this goes especially for mafia land, where most monies generally like to vanish in dark channels. Not to mention the fact that less money is available than ever before to fulfill those wet dreams. All in all, it’s a useless measure to stave off eventual defeat.

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    • It tells us what Ukraine and the civilised world knows : that the foul scum MUST be removed completely from Ukraine.
      The war will continue after that indefinitely, until RuZZia chooses to denazify itself. But hopefully Ukraine will be a virtually impregnable fortress by sometime next year.
      The time that the ZSU takes to remove the putinazis is dependent on the level of support it receives: currently running at less than 50% of what it should be.

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