Russia and Iran agreed on the production of drones on the territory of the Russian Federation – mass media

The agreement on the production of drones was concluded at the beginning of November.

Iran and Russia will produce drones on Russian territory / photo
Iran and Russia will produce drones on Russian territory / photo

The Russian Federation concluded an agreement with Iran on the production of drones on Russian territory.

As reported  by The Washington Post  with reference to the intelligence data of the US and other Western countries, the Kremlin reached an agreement with the Iranian authorities to begin the production of hundreds of drones on Russian territory in early November. 

Three officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the publication that Iran and Russia are moving quickly to transfer designs and key components of the drones. It is noted that such steps may allow the production of drones to begin on the territory of the Russian Federation within several months.

Both parties will benefit from this agreement. Thus, Moscow will be able to satisfy the acute need of the Russian army for high-precision ammunition. At the same time, Iran will receive significant economic and political benefits.

As the newspaper writes, the Iranian authorities may assume that they will be able to avoid sanctions, due to the fact that the drones will actually be assembled in Russia. 

Iranian drones at war in Ukraine

Russia is actively using Iranian Shahed-136 drones to strike Ukrainian cities and critical infrastructure facilities. 

Yuriy Ignat, the spokesman of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine , said that as of November 9, 2022, Russia had launched more than 400 Iranian kamikaze drones on the territory of Ukraine since their first use.

It was previously reported that during the study of one of the downed drones , it was found that it contained details of more than 30 European and American companies. They mostly used American spare parts.

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  1. When two garbage countries work together, it never means anything good for the free world. It’s very unfortunate that we’ve had such weaklings and cowards in the White House … at least, two out of three. Trump might’ve been an ass-wipe, at times, regarding Vlad, but I doubt that he would pussyfoot around with Iran, like both Obumer and sleepy. In this messed-up world, we’ve allowed too much leeway for trash countries to evolve. In this messed-up world, we need a Ronald Reagan, and not a Joe Biden. I’m glad that Britain has a steadfast PM, but Britain alone can’t handle this tough job. France and Germany are far too weak and cowardly to be of any practical use. And, Japan is still too much a sissy introvert to be a useful force of freedom.

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