Reznikov: balance of power in the war has changed in favor of Ukrainian Forces



 Friday, November 18, 2022 10:03:00 AM

The Ukrainian Defense Minister, Oleksiy Reznikov, said that the balance of power at the front has changed in favor of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Russia is doomed to be defeated in this war. However, he warned that a difficult period awaits Ukrainians ahead.

“The enemy is resorting to terror to trigger a humanitarian crisis. But the balance has already changed. Russia is doomed to lose. Ukraine will win. We are working to ensure that the world perceives the Ukrainian vision of victory, and that it comes as soon as possible,” Reznikov said on his Facebook page.

The Minister named the factors that are especially important at this stage of the war: the economy, logistics, the quality of support for troops and the ability to advance even during the active phase of hostilities.×345&!4&btvi=2&fsb=1&xpc=ry6kwbGT71&p=https%3A//

“The Ministry of Defense not only met the current needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces but also formed and for a couple of months maintains a reserve for the army, which includes more than 200 thousand body sets armor and more than 100 thousand helmets,” Reznikov added, reporting on the situation as of November 17.×345&!5&btvi=3&fsb=1&xpc=IPinToyPe0&p=https%3A//

The Minister noted that Ukraine is improving its logistics.

“We are improving logistics, including through the implementation of the NATO LOGFAS (Logistics Functional Area Services) program. We explain in detail the logic behind our actions to partners and build a system of support projects not for a medium and long time. This attracts the economic potential of the free world in the interests of Ukraine,” Reznikov added.

In late October, the head of the Ukrainian Main Intelligence Directorate, Kirill Budanov, said that the war should end by next summer. He also promised significant victories of the Ukrainian Armed Forces before winter. This forecast of his, like many others, has already come true. The Ukrainian military liberated Kherson.

Subsequently, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky commented on Budanov’s statement about the end of the war. He noted that the intelligence has its own data, but no one can provide the final deadlines.



  1. So, I got to Kyiv, but when I found the hotel I’d reserved a room at, I found I’d forgotten my passport on the train! I talked with the local police officers and some Ukrainian soldiers. Although we mostly had problems with the language barrier, those guys were very helpful and friendly. They seemed to genuinely care about my problem, and I was sent back to the train station. They explained things to the railroad staff, who quickly learned my passport had been found. But by this time, it was late evening, so I needed a place to sleep. There was a conveniently located hotel next to the railway station, and the railway staff told the hotel receptionist about my passport. I still had my state-issued identification card to confirm who I was, and I could pay for the room. So I stayed there until the morning, and then I tried to go find for myself, the office where my passport was being held. But of course, I got lost, so a train conductor and another group of Ukrainian soldiers pointed the way back.

    I’m very grateful to all who helped! It could easily have turned out badly, and I know that I am a visiting foreigner, but these were obviously good people! God bless them all!

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      • Yes, I praise God Almighty for his help, and of course, the good people of Ukraine. This reinforces the impression that Ukraine is indeed returning back to the good morals and principles that made it a great country before the soviets made their mess. I pray that God continues to bless Ukraine as the country returns to the church. 🙏

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        • I’m very glad that this potential horror story had a happy ending, Mac. Like Red said, you can lose your pants, but not your passport!
          At any rate, the Ukrainians have a great digital system known as Dia (Дія). It is a government app which encompasses an ID card, foreign biometric passport, student card, driver’s license, vehicle registration certificate, vehicle insurance policy, tax number, birth certificate, and IDP certificate. So, if a person looses the regular passport, he or she still has the digital one, of course, only if he or she hasn’t also lost the smartphone!
          I wish you a good stay in Kyiv. It is a dazzling city with many noteworthy sights, great restaurants and beautiful parks. BTW, how long will you be there?

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          • Probably until the 24th, maybe 25th. Depends on how long the train back to Poland takes, and when it leaves. I’ve nearly used up all my money for this, but the remaining amount should be enough. I brought my own food so I don’t need to spend more on that, though I would like to enjoy some traditional food here. Liudmila told me she’s too fearful of more russian air attacks to try seeing me, and she said her Mother is sick. For some reason, she thinks I’m angry with her for not meeting me, but I’ve tried telling her that being angry is not the same as disappointed. She had warned me several times not to come, but I suppose I thought she’d be impressed by my effort to prove my seriousness at overcoming difficulty to pursue love.

            I told her that I understand why she might be fearful if the attacks have been recent, but pointed out that if the British behaved the same way during the nazi rocket attacks in WW2, they probably wouldn’t have gotten much done at home. I’ve seen many Ukrainians going out about town yesterday, so they’re not as fearful. Why should I be? I won’t be dismissive of an attack as it’s happening, but for the time I’ve been here, it’s been pretty quiet.

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            • Mac, I don’t want to step too near or say something that hurts or is downright false, but maybe, just maybe, there is something fishy about Lyudmila? I hope and pray that it is indeed only fear that keeps her from seeing you. But, the very long journey you undertook should impress her enough to at least let you come to her, or a place near her apartment. I wish I could give you sound advice. The best I can do is to advise you to keep all options open, even the chance that she is a scammer. If you’ve ever sent her money or gifts, then this is a strong indicator. I hope I’m very wrong, Mac, and I hope that you won’t be angry with me for even suggesting this sort of possibility.

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              • That is good advice facts. A person who looks for love online is in a situation not much different from those responding to one of those “Nigerian Prince” scams.
                About ten years back, I was hired as an in-house consultant for a company with about 60-70 employees. My task was a broad one, but it included looking at the productivity of the workers.
                I noticed a number of anomalies and asked the CEO to instruct the head of IT to give me full info on their online activities. Using Google was a legitimate part of the research activities they were involved in.
                The CEO said “no we can’t do that; data protection and all that.”
                I said : let’s find a workaround!
                Long story short, we did just that!
                The findings were incredible! Almost all the staff were using a dating site; including the married ones!
                Only me, being happily married and one or two younger staff, were not using this thing! Incredibly, most were using even the same site: called POF, if I remember correctly.
                They were devoting huge amounts of time trying to get laid rather than work!
                One; a divorced guy I kept in touch with, said he actually married one of his online contacts.
                Anyway, I did myself out of quite a nice little assignment, because once we stopped their horny searches, we got some work out of them!

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                • Well done, Sir Scradge!
                  The online dating scene is a huge business, worldwide. Unfortunately, where there is lots of money to be made, there will be a lot of black sheep. Dating sites are a notorious source of scamming. Love is big business, and many guys are willing to shell out large sums of money and a lot of time trying to get that “supermodel-type trophy girl”. I know a few who’ve tried it and only got burned. I also know some who did indeed find their ladies (and gentlemen). A lot of common sense, some research and control over one’s emotions can go a long way to prevent being scammed. A little luck along the way is also not a bad thing.

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                  • I stayed with the same girl.
                    My recipe for success : stay friendly with your ex’s! One of mine put a friend of hers who was complaining to her about asshole guys, together with me and it worked.
                    There is an old song : “If You Want To Be Happy For The Rest Of Your Life, Don’t Ever Marry A Beautiful Wife!”
                    I did not take that advice, I’m glad to say.

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                  • I did some research first too. “Love me dot com” as run by the matchmaking service “A Foreign Affair” has a decent rating on the American business checklist of the BBB, and most of the reviews were favorable. They even reported a few bad reviews, though it looked like the customers were refunded for some of their costs.

                    I have been wondering if this story will convince my ex that I am the worthy man she’s been looking for. She’s pretty dedicated to her young son, but she’s scared to death of committing to marriage.

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                    • By “ex”, do you mean Lyudmila? Ukrainian women are VERY dedicated to their children and families in general, in case you did. Families are number one, followed by everything else in life.

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                    • No, my ex in this, is an American lady from my local area, named Tiffany. I dated her for 5 years, even put up with her bipolar fits, and she did things to help me even when she didn’t have to. I was sure she loved me, and I saw her crying tears for what we had, though not in a big dramatic way. But Tiffany couldn’t get herself to marry, and I need that pledge of commitment.

                      For all the reasons you said about traveling here, I thought that was evidence of Liudmila’s sincerity. I still want to believe she’s sincere

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                    • I wish it for you, Mac. You went to great length to meet her in Kyiv. I hope that she is just the type of woman who is afraid to meet you because she thinks that she might disappoint you or whatever. Hang tight and don’t give up. As long as you’re there, you might be able to get her to agree to a meeting, even a simple one. If you need any translations or help, let me know. Maybe I can get someone in Kyiv to help.


              • No, I haven’t sent any money to her. I paid a moderate sum for her to get books for learning English, but that’s the only extra amount I spent. I told her I will still wait if I must go home, but I will not wait longer than a year. It wasn’t the war that is sending me back, but that I forgot how much my bills will cost this month, and that a taxi driver here may have overcharged me. Is 5,200 UAH the correct amount for going around town and crossing the river?

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                • That amount seems huge for Ukraine standards. However, the legitimacy is difficult to determine, because Kyiv is big and going around town is a very broad description. For a trip that lasts maybe 20 min., it used to cost a couple of hundred UAH, but this was during peace time. Now, I know that it’s more difficult to get fuel, with all the blackouts, and I recently read somewhere that the taxi prices have virtually exploded. The taxi drivers in Kyiv generally do not cheat. At least, I haven’t been cheated yet.

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