Kyiv: Russia has moved its remaining most capable forces from Kherson to Luhansk region

 Saturday, November 19, 2022 12:00:13 PM

Russians are transferring their remaining most capable troops to the Luhansk region. Among them are paratroopers who were previously deployed in the Kherson region, said the head of the Luhansk regional military administration, Serhiy Haidai, on air of Ukrainian 1+1 channel.

“We can say that these are the remaining best soldiers that the Russian Federation has, because the rest are newly mobilized, Kadyrov fighters, Wagner mercenaries whom Prigozhin recruited in prisons. These are paratroopers from Kherson. They have been trained as good as possible. In principle, they can fight, but these are the last such troops of the Russian Federation,” Haidai said.

According to Haidai, these Russian units will not significantly change the situation on the frontline in the Luhansk region. They can only slow down the offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces but will not be able stop it.

“The newly mobilized are not real soldiers, they are just cannon fodder. They do not know how to fight, they surrender by the dozens, they die there by the dozens and hundreds,” the head of the Luhansk region added.

Heavy fighting continues in the Luhansk region. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are gradually pushing  the Russians back near Svatove-Kreminna.

According to Haidai, 12 settlements have recently been liberated in the Luhansk region.

(C)UAWIRE 2022


  1. It was unfortunate that the cockroaches managed to scurry across the river and didn’t stay to stand against UA forces on the right bank. But, if not now, then they will die later, and if not in Kherson, then elsewhere.

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      • I trust the generals but I’m worried about the future when the heroes come home and remember all those meat puppets they killed and feel bad. I certainly hope they won’t feel bad about killing orcs. After all, they weren’t invited.
        I also hope the media will hold the line on the narrative which is this was a russian invasion. This is not the Ukraine vs Russia war, this is putin’s war on Ukraine.

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        • I think that only a very small fraction of UA troops will feel bad for killing orcs, Red, in light of all the evils and destruction that they’ve brought to the country.

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          • There is a very good Clint Eastwood movie; Unforgiven, that explores the psychological effects on a decent person of killing a man.
            Luckily that won’t apply because orcs are a species of evil, non-human beasts.

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            • In my opinion, killing orcs should give a person a warm, fuzzy feeling, one of having done a righteous thing. The more the merrier. Each dead orc means one orc less to cause death, pain, misery and destruction.

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