‘That Is Some Superpower’: Shocked Occupier Shows HIMARS Strike Consequences

The Russian soldier could not find words after the AFU Swiss-cheesed his KamAZ truck


The work of the Ukrainian military from the American MLRS continues to amaze and impress the enemy. Here is the fresh footage of the hit on the Russian military vehicle.

The Ukraine 365 Telegram channel published the video.

“Russian occupant shares his impressions after HIMARS stuffed them with tungsten balls”

In it, the occupier shares his impressions after HIMARS stuffed them with tungsten balls. The equipment is not recoverable. The invader complains, unable to restrain himself from using swearing words.

“The whole truck is riddled, so many holes. That is some superpower! All riddled. Everything has been Swiss-cheesed, there is nothing to restore,” the shocked war criminal says, going around the KamAZ. “You cannot ****ing hide from such thing,” the occupier concludes, thereby giving the highest rating to the HIMARS, which are in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.



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