Russia has abducted 300,000 Ukrainian children

From the LinkedIn page of Shaun Topham

Nov 17

LinkedIn removed this post last week, but have now decided that it does not break any rules and that it is factual.
It is hard to visualise 300,000 children, that’s like Wembley football stadium full three times.
It’s even harder to visualise 300,000 terrified and traumatised children being abducted from Ukraine into russia; a terrorist state who’s soldiers have gang-raped toddlers and pre-school children.
Why does russia want Ukrainian children? The answer to that question is so horrific that it should make anyone with a soul scream out for russia to be crushed economically and militarily.



  1. LinkedIn is becoming a major source of pro-Ukraine information. The FSB and its filthy trolls are now very active on this site; trying to get pro-Ukraine posters banned. Sometimes these foul scum succeed:

    Alesso Rebola writes :

    “On behalf of Maryna Chekh permanently blocked because her “pathos” for ukranian people was judged by LinkedIn not “professional”.

    Do you think that make business with people who consider unprofessional the legitimate support of ukranian for Ukraine is fair? Could be a reliable partner-employee-counterpart in a deal such a person?”

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  2. Shaun has just shown why putlerism must die and so must RuZZia in its present form.
    The best brains in the world need to be working on how to get all these kidnapped children – and adults too, back into civilisation and out of the pits of hell.

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  3. Mafia land is the epitome of evil on this planet. Anyone still engaged in business with this trash, terrorist country is guilty of crimes against humanity!

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