“Pirates of the Kherson Sea”: How Special Operations Forces crossed the river bottom to reach occupiers in a village

18 NOVEMBER 2022

The Special Operations Forces of Ukraine have shared a story about a special operation on liberating a settlement in Kherson Oblast together with the International Legion. 

Source: press service of the Special Operations Forces

Details: The occupiers made a stronghold from captured houses of local residents in a village in Kherson Oblast. A joint unit of soldiers of Ukraine’s 73rd Maritime Special Operations Center and the International Legion [created for volunteers from abroad who came to help Ukraine fight – ed.] was ordered to destroy advanced posts of the Russians with further advance inland. 

A military operator of the 73rd Center recollected how the events unfolded. The soldiers approached the village in boats; there was an advance group of divers who went across the bottom of the river. 

Quote: “All assault groups were moving mainly in (rubber) boats, but we had our so-called main watch, the three men who went forward using flippers. Those were two guys from the International Legion and me.

We headed for this place and provided safety in this sector. Before the boats approached us, we were able to create this path, and nearly reached the coastline. 

We rushed to the first house and began a mopping-up operation, house by house. When we were near the fourth, we heard a machine gun firing and realised it was time to act.”

Watch the video to learn more about the results of the battle and why the soldiers of the Special Operation Forces always carry a Ukrainian flag with them.

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